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Goal setting – what to expect

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The ideal weight calculator is a great place to start if you feel you are gaining weight and want to get this under control. The calculator will give you a suggested course of action. It’s always good to allow yourself plenty of time and don’t expect immediate results. The Ultimate Herbal approach is steady and balanced so the longer you do the program the better. In saying that, major results are often achieved in the first 2-4 weeks. It starts to taper off after that as the herbs work steadily on your metabolism over time.  Click here to go to the Ideal Weight Calculator

Nutritional Information

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How often should I do a DETOX?

A Herbal DETOX should be done at least once per year but twice is perfect. It is better to do them at the change of season in preparation for the next one. Many people will also do a Herbal DETOX when their body and lifestyle tells them. Listen carefully to your body for the signs – being overly tired, stressed, not sleeping too well, irritable conditions such as itchy skin, digestive disturbances, raised blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.      

Ongoing – how do I continue after I have done the program?

When you get to the end of your detox it is always good to have a follow-up plan. The results can continue long after you complete the detox itself. This is why we introduced the Ultimate Herbal SLIM program and also the Herbal DETOX ‘n SLIM protein drink. Either of these plans makes a great follow up to your Detox. It’s always good to revisit the weight calculator if weight is part of your goal.

How will I feel when I do one of these programs?

If it’s your first time then this is a good question. Often the first few days are actually the hardest. First of all, there are the food changes. Having no sugar, starches, meat or processed foods can make you go into withdrawals. It’s a bit like quitting a bad habit. At first, you feel the emotional loss then you feel a physical craving for that habit. After a couple of days, you will find these subside and this is because you going to be super well nourished and the herbs are very supportive.

The next things you can experience are detox symptoms. These can be quite different for everyone but can include nausea, headaches, fatigue, irritability and bowel changes. These should also pass after a day or two and should be managed appropriately. You will get instructions on how to manage detox symptoms in your pack, but we’re always available to help by email or live chat.    

How often will the bowel motions be? And how urgent?

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Each person’s body is different. Some people will see increased bowel movements and others may find their bowel habits change very little. All variations are normal. There are herbs to help you pass easily but they shouldn’t mean you are running to the bathroom. Some people may have reduced bowel movements for a while, they can be stimulated by increasing the spiciness and heat in the food. Add chili, turmeric, garlic, ginger and curry to your food and take an Epsom salt bath if you can – things will shift.       

My friend did the detox and I haven’t had as much come out. Why?

Everyone is different. Just like some people can eat extra hot chili while others can’t tolerate even mild food. The person who can take it hot will react less to the cleansing herbs. The other thing is build up. We all have varying amounts of digestive build up. Some have a massive intestinal impaction while others have absolutely none, so don’t expect the same results as others, or be mislead by testimonials into thinking you will get the same. Just because you don’t see a huge amount come out doesn’t mean to say that your body is not cleansing. Toxins can be released in many ways including sweat, urine, breathing out and also subtle changes in bowel movement. Follow your gut instinct, literally.  

I have done the program before and lots came out. This time I have not had much. Why?

Sometimes after you have completed the program once or twice your results can seem to be less than before. This is usually because you have made a couple of improvements in your diet and probably have less build up in your system. Also, your general health and strength make the detox effect appear to be more comfortable. This is a good sign and shows that you are in good shape. If you feel that may be true then celebrate. If you feel you are in worse condition than ever then try stepping up the dose and spicing it up as mentioned above.

Will I lose weight on the Herbal DETOX program?

Most people lose weight when they complete our detox program. This is 50% down to the combination of herbs consumed in the Herbal DETOX program and 50% due to the change in diet. Because there is no sugar, no starches and no meat the body digests food a lot quicker and elimination naturally increase. So less calorie intake and a quicker transit time through the body encourages weight loss. The average is 4-5kg (8-10lb) but will vary greatly from person to person.


What size are the capsules?

The capsules are 23mm long and 8 mm in diameter. They are gelatin capsules.

Detox capsule dimensions




I am struggling to take the capsules, how can I make it easier?

There are a few ways you can make this easier if you are finding the large dose overwhelming. One of the simplest is to just break up the doses. Instead of taking them all in one go, just take 5 at a time and take them every hour or two. This reduces the feeling of too many capsules but won’t reduce their effect. The other option is to blend them into a liquid. Click here to see how to blend the capsules It is also possible to take them with a warm drink. Your throat opens up a little with the heat and it can make taking the capsules a bit easier.  

What is real food?

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What we call real food is also called whole-food. This means it is 100% natural and unprocessed (organic if possible), as it comes from the earth. God made food, not man-made food. It is unrefined and has no additives of synthetic chemical origin. Fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, and some dairy is all real food.
Click here to read Live food – what is it & why eat it?
Click here to read about the health benefits fo eating organic produce

What is processed food?

We also sometimes call this dead food. This is food which has had its life force destroyed by processing. At a certain point in processing with heat and other chemical additives living foods are no longer living anymore. They are processed so much that their natural life-giving properties are destroyed. You might get fat, protein, and carbohydrates but they are not configured naturally for use in the human body like nature intended. On the Ultimate Herbal Health Program, processed food should be completely avoided, or at least reduced to the absolute minimum necessary.  

What diet should I follow?

Each program has a specific diet and comes with its own recipe booklet but there is a common theme throughout. Avoid processed food and eat only real food. The herbs can then do 100% of their job while the super nutritious food also acts as part of the health program.

I haven’t had a big elimination yet? Is this normal?

Everybody is quite unique in this respect. For example, some people start to have extra bowel movements within 24 hours of starting the dietary changes and yet others can notice nothing much until the last couple of days on the 14-day plan. These variations are due to body type, lifestyle, general health, digestive build up and food chosen during the plan. If you feel things are moving too slow then there is a couple of options.

  1. If you get a few days into your program and feel like not enough is happening you can move to a stronger dose plan. If you’re on the one month plan then you can switch over to the 2-week plan and if you’re already on the 2-week plan then try the 7-day plan. After a couple of days, you should notice the difference and you can always switch back again.
  2. Spice it up! This means adding extra chili, garlic, curry, mustard, wasabi and other spicy condiments to your meals. Also, raw onion, kiwifruit, prunes, pineapple, and beetroot will help give you more effects. More green smoothies can help as well.  

How can I get more protein?

I recommend using natural protein sources such as leafy green smoothies, mushrooms, eggplant, and raw yogurt, but plain unflavored, unsweetened protein powders can also be used as an addition to the detox diet. Maybe read the Protein myth article to ease your mind. Click here to read vegetarian complete protein myth

What kind of exercise can I do on a program?

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It is not recommended to do extreme exercise during your program. This includes training for an event, hardcore gym workouts or long-distance running. The best things are walking, using a punch bag, vibration training, yoga an, recreational swimming. Your body will be functioning at a higher level than normal and we don’t want to push things over the edge.

What will meditation do for me on the program?

During the program, you will find you have a new sense of clarity and peace especially after the first 3-4 days are behind you. It is an ideal time to connect with the emotional, subconscious and spiritual parts of yourself. Meditation is a great way to do this. Click here to read Meditation – Finding spiritual illumination  

Can I drink alcohol or coffee on the Herbal DETOX?

Alcohol definition
If you drink regularly you might get heavier detox withdrawal symptoms. This might be a chance for you to cut down your intake or if you aren’t a regular alcohol or coffee drinker, maybe cut it out completely. If you have the odd glass of wine, a beer or coffee it won’t affect the Herbal DETOX process too much but if at all possible don’t drink.    

Can the programs be taken with other medications?

Yes, the program is ok with most medications however there are some exceptions.  The Detox program should not be done by people doing chemotherapy or taking Warfarin or heavy medication for a heart condition.      

Does the DETOX affect contraception? 

The Herbal DETOX does not affect any contraception being taken.

Can I do the programs while trying to get pregnant?

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To answer this question Brett has coined this phrase “If you want to grow some flowers in the garden, first you need to pull out the weeds and prepare the soil, then you are ready for the seed” A Herbal DETOX can help both potential parents to cleanse their body and prepare it for parenthood. Click here to read how detox can increase fertility 

Can I do the programs while I am pregnant?

No none of our programs should be used during pregnancy, just as a safety precaution.

Can I do the Herbal DETOX program while I breastfeed?

Yes after the first 3 months of successful breastfeeding you can start our programs. In fact, there are a few herbs in the detox which support baby during breastfeeding including ginger, fennel, and peppermint. Look these up on our articles page to find out how they can help.

How can Vegetarians and Vegans do the DETOX?

The capsules in the Herbal DETOX are made from gelatin which is not vegetarian. Vegans and Vegetarians are able to do the detox by emptying the capsules into a smoothie. The herbs in the Colonaid capsules are very bitter so be prepared for those to taste pretty bad. (Alternatively, you could consider the BodiTune DETOX n SLIM Protein drink which is 100% Vegan)  

I have had colonic irrigation. Why should I do the DETOX program?

A colonic irrigation is a good thing to do as it cleans the colon from the bottom. My view, however, is that to get a complete intestinal cleanse it has to be flushed through from top to bottom and the Herbal DETOX does exactly that.     

I am feeling bloated on the DETOX program. Why and what can I do about it?

If you’re feeling bloated during the program it usually indicates that there is a build up in the system or you may have some yeast or parasite which is fighting to survive. In some cases, both might be occurring simultaneously. Take hot mineral baths, have a massage with lavender and peppermint oils plus drink herbal teas like ginger, chamomile and peppermint to calm things. You can also drop the dose for a couple of days and eat a little less until bowel movements happen and the bloating subsides. If bloating becomes painful and prolonged then stop completely and contact us directly. Click here to learn about a healthy digestive tract

I am suffering with constipation, what can I do?

It is common to experience a day or two of changes and temporary bloating may occur during the program. It is best to drop back to the 25-day dose plan, and have extra fluids, herbal teas, and hot baths, massage etc if things are uncomfortable or you feel constipated. It should pass within 24-48 hours and then you can resume the full dose. 

It is also good to introduce probiotics and Aloe Vera juice alongside if you want to achieve a lasting effect. Perhaps even continue with the BodiTune Detox ‘n Slim drinks for a couple of months to establish a good regular system. It will be worth the effort to get the regularity at the end of the program. If you still feel like you have further to go, then it can be worth repeating the 14-day program again back to back. 

If you have Chronic Constipation and are looking for a solution, read my article Constipation – causes and natural solutions

I am experiencing leg cramps

This can happen as the electrical energy increases in the body. It is important to have Epsom salt baths or visit the hot pools at this time. If you can’t do this then take half a teaspoon of Epsom salts mixed with water daily. A lavender oil massage will help as will gentle exercise like walking. All of these will help to release the energy.  

Is the Herbal DETOX Program ok for people with cancer?

Ultimate Herbal Detox with User Guide
Yes, it OK but not during chemotherapy and should only be used under the supervision of a health professional to ensure proper nutrition is maintained. If your chemotherapy is finished for 6 weeks you should be ok to do the Detox program. Most cancer patients have reported increased energy and less side effect from conventional treatments.

Can I do the Herbal DETOX program if I have Crohn’s Disease?

Yes, there are many anti-inflammatory effects from doing the detox and pain can be reduced by using the program. Click to read treating Crohn’s Disease naturally

I am hungry whilst on the Herbal DETOX program. What can I do?

It is good to be prepared with some snack ideas such as dates, prunes, raisins, mandarins, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, gherkins, figs, baby carrots, olives and such like to keep to going in between meals. There will be a point where hunger can drop away and this is a very rewarding experience, so letting your cravings go unrewarded is worth the effort. The Ultimate Herbal Health Program is designed to give us an experience of alternative energy. The kind of energy we never knew was available and we call it Life Force.

I have inflammation throughout my body. Can the Herbal DETOX Help?

Yes, some of the key effects of our entire program is alkalizing. In other words by supporting the body’s organs of detoxification the intestine, the liver and the kidneys your body will not accumulate so much acid. This is turn has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on your entire body. Painkillers can often be reduced during and after the program.  

I have rheumatoid arthritis – what do you suggest?

A Herbal DETOX can offer you some solutions and ease the discomfort and pain you have been getting with rheumatoid arthritis.

With rheumatoid arthritis, your immune system is responding to mixed messages it has been receiving.

We recommend doing the Herbal DETOX one month program so that your body can adjust gradually to the changes being made and that you don’t get a rapid movement of acid. Alongside this, it is important that you boost your immune system and this can be done with foods such as mushrooms, garlic, leeks, and onions. These foods are high in vitamin C and sulphur. It would also be good to take Epsom salt baths too.

The foods mentioned above are anti-inflammatory but we do recommend adding more anti-inflammatory foods to your diet such as turmeric, curry, and ginger.

You should get a good result if you do all of the above and it is possible to get off any medications however it will all depend on the state of your health, your age and how long you have been on the medications.  People with your condition have responded well when they do the one-month Herbal DETOX program followed by a two-month Herbal DETOX program and eat the foods mentioned above.   

I bought the DETOX program some time ago but was not able to do it. What is the expiry dates for the program?

If you look at the bottom of the pack and on each bottle, you will find an expiry date. It is usually close to three years from the date of purchase. If you have kept the pack out of direct sunlight and everything is dry and sealed then it will be safe to use. 


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Disclaimer – Results will vary in time frame and intensity from person to person. All testimonials and reviews are authentic and submitted from actual Ultimate Herbal Health customers.




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