Gaining by giving

“Give and you will receive” It’s an ancient proverb.

Sometimes it feels like you give and give and give, only to end up feeling tired, drained and even used and abused by others. Sound familiar?

In this article, I would like to explain how this giving principle applies to ourselves from the health perspective. How by giving we can actually receive more energy and greater health.

The principle of supply and demand

The more demand there is for an item, the more the supply lines must open up. For example, if you open the tap on your kitchen sink water comes flowing out only to be replaced by a seemingly endless reservoir of fresh clean water.

At first, the water can be stale, then the wider you open the tap, the more water flows from the main supply and the cooler cleaner and fresher your water gets. 

Think of food in the fruit shop – The more customers, the busier the shop, the fresher and better the resulting product quality as it turns over more regularly. It’s just a natural consequence of supply and demand. If the stock is turning over slowly, it’s very hard to keep the produce fresh and get a good supply.

So the principle put simply is – the more energy is moving the more fresh energy will be supplied.

As human beings, we have access to an infinite supply of energy in many, many forms, food being just one of them. Read my article “a world of energy” to find out more.


If you don’t use it you lose it

If you don’t use it, you lose it. Take another example, a car. A car that sits in the car shed and only gets used once a month around town will not behave as well as a car that is driven on the open road regularly. Everything needs a good blow out to run smoothly.

Why would our body behave any differently?

The more you give your body good food, fuel, fresh air, exercise, love and kindness, the more your body returns to you. Muscles that are used regularly become stronger and sometimes bigger. The old saying “no pain, no gain” applies here. This is another example of gaining by giving. 

Gaining by giving

The more you open the channels of energy flow in your life to more energy will flow into your life. You get back what you put out, and often a lot more.

As the demand for energy continues to increase the supply lines become stronger, bigger and more abundant. In the shop scenario, the fresher the produce, the more vibrant the colors and the people will come in.

Self Healing

Put in the effort and reap the rewards. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to our physical health but what about emotional, mental and spiritual things.

If we add value to the things that come into our lives, giving things a little bit of our personal touch then there is no limit to what can be achieved. A simple smile at the checkout, a little thank you to the service station attendant and patience in traffic, can all lead to something in return. Inner peace and happiness perhaps. 

Nurturing yourself is one thing, but actually taking the time to nurture others is even more important. What energy we expend and in which direction will determine the flow of energy and the supply we have available. 

The infinite reservoir of universal love, light, power, and healing is available when the tap is opened fully in our lives. This means sharing, giving, supporting and loving others is the most effective way of growing our network of connections to energy.    

The old saying “Give and you will receive” has not dated. Just don’t expect it to be immediate, in-fact if you don’t expect anything then you will be pleasantly surprised. 


When it comes to your health the same rule applies. Your body will return to you what you give it, often a lot more. Yes, we are all eventually going to pass from this world but we don’t need to be like an old car left to rot on the side of the road somewhere.

Instead, could we be the classic car that has been restored, driven and put on show? Wouldn’t that be funny? When we get older our body’s show us what we have given them, the rust, rattles, and leaks begin to appear or we can be adored by the younger generation and admired for our wisdom. 

If we have lovingly looked after our body then it can become a classic example of wisdom and peace that our grandchildren can aspire to, wouldn’t that be wonderful.

Giving is the most beneficial thing you can do, to others of course, but too yourself, most definitely.



You probably already know this one.
Stand in a door frame and push your wrists against the side of the door frame as hard as possible for 30 seconds. Then move out of the frame and let your arms relax. Now your arms will almost float in the air. This shows simply how your body responds to giving. Give it a temporary push and it will return with uplifting results.  

Here is a mental clearing exercise I find really effective.
Just give yourself 2-3 minutes break. This is great to do in the shower or when sitting in a quiet place for a few minutes in the middle of a busy day, like your parked car for example. First, you need to close your eyes. Then simply breathe in as deep as you possibly can and as fast as you possibly can, then push the air out again and long, hard and far as you are physically able. You need to do this for 20 breaths which will take about 2-3 minutes depending on your lung capacity.  

After completing this, just let your mind relax and see how you feel. This gives your mind a real boost of energy from the extra oxygen and is something easy to give your body and mind in just 2 minutes.

I hope this article helps to trigger new ideas and reminds you to give in order to gain.

Many Blessings


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