Our challenge to find Inner Peace

The Brett Elliott Ultimate Herbal DETOX body cleanse is only one part of a full natural herbal detox but it is one of the best places to start. 

Chasing The Dream
That elusive happiness that others seem to have! Is it real? Do they really have it or do we just like to imagine they do? How can we get it, and when?

Why does it seem that we never quite reach the point of true satisfaction and even if we do, it doesn’t last more than a brief moment? We need more, we need some new and exciting possession or entertainment constantly. Our entire population, it seems, is chasing the dream and also spending large amounts of our time and energy trying to convince each other that we need the dream.

These are some of the ideas in the dream I am talking about:

  • The promotion or new job
  • Business success
  • The new house or home improvements
  • The perfect relationship
  • New cars
  • The perfect body
  • The latest technological gadgets
  • Sporting achievement
  • Spiritual enlightenment
  • Food gratification
  • Status, power and position
  • Money in the bank by the millions

Do any of the list above fit into your dreams? We are constantly chasing a dream. Are we encouraging inner peace or physical health? 

“Freedom is not procured by a full enjoyment of what is desired, but by controlling the desire.” Epictetus (Greek philosopher)

Burn Out
If you have your own business or you work for a company then you will be familiar with burn out as a scenario. Every year we must make a larger profit, be more productive and improve efficiency. We eat, walk, talk, breathe and even think faster as a population with passing years. We feel that there are not enough hours in the day, we don’t have time for family outings, games with the kids, holidays, relaxing, reading, music or meditation. We are always tired and stressed, constantly rushing, eating on the run, multi-tasking, frustrated and angry with our loved ones, drinking, smoking, taking drugs, getting depressed and eventually getting ill.

This is how chasing the dream causes life to be for many working people.

The Car radio

We all wake up in the morning happy, refreshed and full of life right? We wish. Often it’s more likely that we drag ourselves out of bed and off to work. While driving through traffic we turn the car radio up loud so we can’t hear the engine knocking and we can keep driving the machine our until it eventually breaks down. 

You can liken the radio to our thoughts. The car is an analogy for our body. The knocking may be something as small as a headache, back pain or reflux. The world around us is also acting like the car radio, constantly blasting us with information, advertising, television, movies, magazines, work, friends and family demands, household chores, even the mental chatter within our own heads. How are we supposed to stay aware of what is going on at the deeper levels of our being? The engine may be knocking but we keep driving ourselves harder and faster to keep up with all the demands.

Some of the most common health concerns we suffer in modern society can be connected to exactly this pattern. Heart attack, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, digestive disorders and stress can all be traced back to the pace of life. We either, eat, drink or
smoke the wrong things and then keep distracting ourselves with media or other activity as a form of distraction from what is really going on.

Then one day…..Boom!! the engine makes an almighty noise and smoke starts to pour out from under the bonnet!

This may or may not have happened to you already “Burn out”. We have our priorities out of whack and simply by taking the time get ourselves a good tune-up, most of the above issues can be avoided.

A good “tune-up” is a good natural herbal detox. 

I urge you to be brutally honest and to openly test yourself with a “reality-check”. Take a look at the priorities list below and imagine what physical, emotional and mental energy you give each heading. Imagine yourself starting a normal day and try to feel what is driving you as you get up and going. This is one way you can gauge your priorities. Take your time and read these slowly. Contemplate what each heading means to you and evaluate where each topic rests amongst your priorities.

List A
1. Money
2. Possessions
3. Youth and good looks
4. Status and position
5. Free time
6. Food & drink
7. Love and affection
8. Relationship happiness
9. Your health
10. Inner peace

You’ve heard the saying “put the horse before the cart”. Let’s apply that here and change the order of the list. No matter what order you put your priorities in, it will always be the presence (or not) of inner peace that can manifest everything else without stress affection within relationships, then free time together, healthy food, drink, and music result in extended youth and good looks. Imagine you have your priorities in this new order. See how it feels to have number one sorted out, then the second and the third, and so on. Try this list, imagine your priorities in this order and see how it feels.

List B
1. Inner peace
2. Your health
3. Relationship happiness
4. Love and affection
5. Free time
6. Food, drink, and music
7. Youth and good looks
8. Status and position
9. Possessions
10. Money

In conclusion, consider this. True health will never be within reach so long as you have inner turmoil and stress.

The energy previously spent in the constant struggle for the least important things is what causes our inner peace and consequently, our health to go out the window. 

Doing our Brett Elliott Ultimate Herbal DETOX and cleansing your body will not solve the issues of finding inner peace, but it may be a trigger to begin a new phase of change and growth in your life. 


Brett Elliott ®

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