Why choose live food over cooked food? 

Cooked foods, and especially meat, contain harmful toxins, which can cause chronic disease and other problems, including trans-fatty acids produced by heating oil, acrylamide produced by frying (1), advanced glycation end products (2) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (3). 

All of these processes essentially denature or disrupt the natural molecular structure of the food making it less available for our biological functions. 

Apart from the obvious molecular damage caused by overcooking food there are subtle benefits from consuming live food. Plant-based foods such as fruit, vegetables, and wholegrains, which contain significant amounts of bioactive phytochemicals, may provide desirable health benefits beyond basic nutrition to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Evidence suggests that consumption of a diet rich in vegetables and fruits has positive implications for human health so we want to preserve the living bioactivity of this food if possible. (4)

One of those bioactive components often overlooked is light. I want to share my unique and possibly challenging standpoint on this particular topic. You may find this opens a new door for sourcing energy in your life.


Light is captured by photosynthesis and this captured light energy is released again during cellular metabolism of sugar and fat. (See Sunlight – Can we tap into this source of energy?) 

Think of it this way. Heat, light, and electricity are all simply variations of the same thing, an electromagnetic energy form. See diagram below. The electromagnetic energy that radiates from our body is what constitutes our life force and indicates that we are alive. It’s exactly the same with food. If we process our food in a factory with chemicals, irradiate, fumigate, pasteurize and then cook it to death before eating, is any electromagnetic life force is left?

This electromagnetic radiation is often referred to as an Aura, an indication of life force, chi or spirit. It has been measured by Russian scientists since the 1930’s by a method called Kirlian photography. I’m not going to fully explain Kirlian photography here, but this sophisticated method of photography shows that there is an electrical field around living things which is destroyed by cooking. (11)

What does this mean when it comes to your diet?

In a nutshell “eat bright food”. If food has a lot of color then it has a lot of light and will give you a lot of energy. Colors are indicators of vitamins and minerals, so the more color, the more beneficial nutrients. 

The more something reflects light, the more light it contains, for example, a flower. Brightly colored flowers are light-capturing devices and are full of light.

Let’s now consider fruit. The fruit absorbs light to ripen and stores light in carbohydrates and other nutrients. The ripe fruit is a powerful light source and can give you almost instant energy. The living fruit picked directly off the tree will give you the most life force possible. There is nothing on earth that could compare with fresh fruit as a fast energy source.

Live apple

Then you have fresh raw vegetables. These contain light, life force, enzymes and healing properties galore.

It’s easy to see how good live food is, but what happens during cooking.

The effects of over-cooking food

Studies show that blanching, boiling, microwaving, and stir-frying affect the nutrient composition, phytochemical contents, antioxidant activity, and phenolic profiles of food. (5)  Pasteurization or heat processing during the manufacture of packaged foods, especially juices and milk also reduces the level bioactive compounds, especially antioxidants. (6)

Results of one study show a general decrease in the levels of all the studied compounds except for mineral nutrients which were stable under all cooking conditions. Vitamin C showed the greatest losses mainly because of degradation and leaching, whereas losses for phenolic compounds and glucosinolates were mainly due to leaching into the water. (7)

There is no real value in dead food and it is toxic to us. Over time by-products of dead food will accumulate and you will need to do a detox/body cleanse program to feel better.



Healing food avoidance

So why don’t we feel like eating raw vegetables when we are under stress? The main reason is that by triggering high energy within our body by eating live food we trigger the detox process. By triggering detox we bring out toxins and these include emotional and mental toxins. Maybe we are not ready for these so we delay the detox process by burying ourselves and our energy in dead food.

Highly processed, artificially flavored junk, dead meats, sticky glutinous starches and overcooked foods constitute dead food.

Live food


Raw food Detox diet plan

According to one medical trial, “long-term consumption of a 70% raw-plant-food diet is associated with favorable serum LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. (8) Another study from Germany found that a long-term strict raw food diet is associated with favorable plasma beta-carotene and low plasma lycopene concentrations. (9) 

Low intake of saturated fat and high intakes of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, soy products, nuts, and seeds (all rich in fiber and phytochemicals) are characteristics of vegetarian and vegan diets that produce lower total and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and better serum glucose control. These factors contribute to the reduction of chronic disease. (10) 

This is why our Brett Elliott Ultimate Herbal DETOX diet includes lots of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables. This allows your body to cleanse toxins and to feel energized and healed at the same time. People who eat raw food or vegetarian diets report vastly higher energy levels and general happiness.

A study mentioned benefits of a Raw Vegan diet for lowering obesity and hypertension. Another study has also shown reduced fibromyalgia symptoms for those on a Raw Vegan Diet as well as reduced symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, according to another study.

You will find after the Brett Elliott Ultimate Herbal DETOX program that the increase in energy is so profound that normally your diet naturally leans towards more raw food thereafter.

A 50-75% raw food diet is recommended. Having some of the raw food at the beginning of the meal is best, as it triggers positive enzymatic digestion and immune responses which help you absorb your nutrients better.

I hope this has been helpful

Brett Elliott © 

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