The benefits of Meditation have been well documented (1), but there are many different methods available.

I have been meditating most of my life and have looked at a multitude of different techniques. I believe the method I have developed and described on this page will bring you the quickest and most powerful healing results and spiritual progress of any method in the world. Best of all, you can fit it right in with whatever beliefs or religion you might already follow. 


The physical Universe is only 4% visible matter and 96% dark matter and dark energy (invisible stuff). Scientists now acknowledge that this invisible energy is what designs, creates and supports the visible Universe and also continues to cause its expansion.

Our very own bodies grow from within and continue to expand outwardly and I don’t just mean gaining weight! I’m talking about cellular growth and regeneration. Within a few weeks, we grow billions of new cells and can replace old or damaged tissue. Every living thing grows from within and expands in exactly the same way as the Universe itself.

There is something within the fabric of our world that feeds us with information and energy to continue growing and regenerating. I like to refer to it as the Spirit or God. For the sake of this exercise, we will mainly talk about inner light and sound and briefly touch on the Spirit. I will keep this uncomplicated, as I want you to keep an open mind and grab the full potential of the meditation without questioning any belief or thought system. (I am not about to preach)

You have your own path to find and this is what this process is here to facilitate. All I have set out to do is to open up a few doors and windows in your heart and mind with the desire to empower your transformation and healing. The meditations are based on this same principle, expanding your window of consciousness so as to broaden your view on the infinity of all creation.


The Purpose of Meditation

There is only one real purpose or desired end result of meditation practice and that is spiritual illumination. With meditation, we proceed to open up our senses until our sixth sense is stimulated and activated.

We may see, hear and feel things which appear to originate in another dimension. We become partially aware of the 96% invisible fraction of our Universe. This can change the way we view our world and our lives for the better in many ways. We may
find many benefits along the way, such as health, energy, clarity of mind, intellect, perception and many other resulting changes that will spill over into our lives, but spiritual illumination is the ultimate goal. By experiencing this you may realize the higher truth about who you are and what it is you should do with your life. Your body will feel the changes, emotionally and physically very quickly. Peace of mind and clarity of thought can be dramatic. Experiments have shown that meditation can influence large numbers of other people as this quote explains.

Dr. Hagelin said dozens of studies have been published in leading scientific journals on the effects of group meditation on society, which show improved economic growth along with other positive effects, including reduced crime and violence.
“The Meditation technique is a systematic, scientific procedure to directly experience the Unified Field, the most fundamental and powerful level of nature’s functioning,” Dr. Hagelin said. “Research shows this experience generates highly coherent brain functioning, increasing creativity and intelligence while providing deep physiological rest and reducing stress in the individual. When practiced in groups, research shows the calming effect of meditation spreads throughout society, creating coherence and order, while increasing creativity in society as a whole—providing the basis for a stable, growing economy.” John Hagelin, Ph.D. Executive Director, Global Financial Capital of New York

This shows the power of meditation to influence your surroundings. Imagine what it can do within your family, workplace and personal health.

As you connect with the higher power at work in our Universe and channel that power through your intuition, mind, and body as information, you directly impact all things around you. You start to send out a signal like a transmitter and all things around you respond in some way. Peace, love, harmony, happiness, energy, and light will appear to radiate from you.

Let me now share the meditation method I have found to work the best.

It comes in three major parts, all of which are ideally combined into your meditation. 

First of all find a quiet space where you can sit and be comfortable, relax and not be interrupted. Close your eyes and allow yourself to breathe deeply and slowly. If you know the yoga breathing method you can employ that, but simply put, breathe deeply and slowly, in through your nose and out through your mouth.   

PART 1: 

A great way to start getting results with meditation is to keep it very simple.

Have a simple goal such as this. “I will be able to hear the still small voice of my intuition and the guidance of the Spirit in my life.”

  • Once you have this goal established all you need to do is find a quiet place to sit or you can even lie down, to begin with. Any place comfortable will suffice.
  • You will get better results by sitting upright as gravity seems to encourage a better energy flow when sitting.
  • Crossed legs and clasped hands also help create an electrical circuit which helps.

What is Sound?
Well, it all depends on how you look at it. Have you ever heard the sound of a computer or fax machine on your telephone line? It’s all hissing and crackling and yet masses of information are passing through with that sound. Imagine that our technology was advanced by another 1000 years and you could pass the amount of information required to build a complete human being, down the phone line every second. What would the sound of that be? Imagine the tone of a crystal bowl or glass ringing sweetly or even the harmony of thousands of crystal tones making beautiful music. I propose that this is the sound you will hear in meditation if you listen well. It has been coined “Holy Sound” by some.

In the beginning, it will sound like a very, very high pitched whistle. It may be like a tiny crystal glass ringing or the sound of something like a television or computer going in the other room, or perhaps many small summer cicadas singing. That almost ultrasonic frequency of sound is what I suggest listening to. You might even think you have a case of tinnitus but if you listen to it you will realize it is something else. It has a penetrating feeling that comes with it. It has healing energy if you accept it into your energy field. By listening to it and tuning in to it you will find that your intuition becomes clearer, your hearing becomes better and your ability to think and process the information is greatly increased. 

All you need to do is sit, listen and listen some more. You may enjoy the feelings that come with it. If your mind starts to wander then try the next exercise, Looking for light. You should find 10-15 minutes of listening enough. What I like to do is switch between these exercises. The “Holy Sound” may in-fact hold or carry all of your genetic information and perhaps also gives you subtle signals from your higher intuition. I suggest this because it fits within the realm of the information highway, similar to that discussed earlier. Listening will open your sixth sense and increase your still, small voice within (the voice of your higher intuition). Eventually, you can practice meditative listening anytime at all even standing in a queue or waiting room or any place providing an appropriate quiet space.



What is Light?

Spiritual illumination

In relation to meditation, the term “light” may be used in many ways such as inner light, illumination, guiding light, spiritual light, the force for good, electricity or stars.

Once again we are seeing the great mystery of the energy in our Universe. There are no finite boundaries on light, only to the degree to which we can measure light. Light becomes invisible at a certain point and it reaches massive speed and infinitely small size. Gamma rays pass directly through our planet and they are simply a very high-frequency form of light. Dark energy itself may, in fact, be visible light in the spirit. These questions supply another powerful exercise for meditation.

Simply sit in a quiet place and find something about 5 paces away, maybe the wall opposite or the ceiling if you are lying down. This works best in the dark. Now slowly close your eyes while continuing to look at the far wall or ceiling. It is important to remain focused at that distance so you don’t stop looking. The further you can focus the better. You can even look at the distance of the night sky while lying on the ground.

What you are looking for is light or colors of any description. The longer you look the more you will find and you may be surprised at what you see.

This exercise greatly improves eyesight and it will help you keep occupied if you are doing the listening meditation and find your mind is still wandering. At first, you may see thousands of tiny small dots and the occasional twinkling light. You might see bright balls of light, patterns of energy, beautiful life-like moving patterns of light, moons, stars or even spiritual visions. Don’t be disappointed if you see nothing at all. This meditation is a bit like learning to play the piano: it takes time, but you have no lessons to take. You simply need to practice listening and looking for a few minutes a day. 

If you are lucky enough to see wonderful lights or perhaps even visions then I need say no more. Keep looking and listening at the same time to get the best experience. After a while you may get tired of this exercise then you can move on to the next thing, feeling.


What is a Feeling?

Spiritual illumination

This is a very interesting question since we can actually feel sound, heat, light, air, water, emotions even mental impressions can be felt.

What you do with this meditation is to allow yourself to feel energy moving into, around and even through your body. If you hold no belief system and you purely have an open mind, you will be able to experience the full healing effects offered by this practice. If you have negative thoughts while doing this you will not achieve the benefits so it is essential to focus on loving, kind thoughts and be in a high moral position mentally and emotionally when you start. I always ask myself to be open to only the highest good.

Enter into the listening and looking meditation for a few minutes and then begin really focusing on what you can feel. It can be very powerful or it can be very gentle. It all depends on what you need at the time. The forces of nature and the Spirit of healing will always bring you the needed response. You may feel a warmth, tingling, buzzing or humming, coolness, lightness, spacey, floating sensations and many, many more feelings. Above all else you may feel, is a feeling of divine love and peace.

If you feel this then you have made the greatest of all discoveries you can make with meditation. You have discovered your true self, the very essence of what you are made of, and what it is that makes you. Once you have found this, you have the ability to transform any negative state into the positive state, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. Once you have located your connection with the great Spirit of God you have found your healing power. 

There is no point in attempting to place your experiences within a belief system but rather place your knowledge around your experiences. This way you can remain completely open to new experiences. A belief system can’t contain the experiences but knowledge may expand and be flexible to accommodate these new experiences. Otherwise, you simply miss out on many of the possible experiences offered by meditation. You must leave yourself open to discover and experience what great infinite realities meditation offers because if there is one absolute certainty in the Universe it is this, everything must change.

Transformation is exactly that, a process of profound change deep within one’s energy field. The short meditation method below will help open you to these changes and allow your body to respond to them.

The Meditation

1. Find a quiet comfortable place without music or any outer disturbance. Get comfortable;
2. Take several slow deep breaths and then simply rest;
3. Do the listening technique for 5 minutes;
4. Move on to the looking technique for 5 minutes;
5. Then focus on the feeling technique for 5 minutes;
6. Try combining all three techniques at once;
7. Stop and rest for 5 minutes;
8. Repeat the above as often as you feel comfortable;
9. Simply allow some time for stillness; and
10. Increase your time as comfortable.

Make it personal
I find it twice as powerful and extremely positive to add a personal phrase. This allows the mind to focus and stops random thoughts from invading the meditation space. The simpler and more specific the phrase, the more powerful the effects. Think of something that will help improve your trajectory in life, and overcome a weakness or negative thought habit. 

My favorite is “I AM, GOD IS LOVE” taking each word on an in or out breath. This means the words are spoken in your mind slowly allowing time to ponder the deeper meaning and integrate the words into your psyche. Adding this personal phrase to your meditation practice is possibly the most powerful thing of all because it can program your mind/body and align it with the higher spiritual truth.     

I hope this brings you peace and please comment below.

Brett Elliott ® 



(1) Meditation: Process and effects. PUBMED



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