Change is the only constant in life

Heraclitus, the pre-Socractic Greek philosopher, said that “Change is the only constant in life”. Nothing could be more true, as you will have observed, the world is constantly changing and our personal lives are no different.  

In order to stay healthy, we need to be able to adapt and adjust to stay in harmony with our changing surroundings and circumstances. Those who fail to change and struggle to adjust, lose their ability to stay healthy. 

Those who embrace change or actually deliberately plan to change and grow are those who thrive and succeed.   

I thought it would be interesting to consider the process of inner change as central to this concept. 

What triggers it and how does it come about?


Goal Setting

As we get older it seems to get a little harder to change as we settle into life’s routine. When you feel your life is going nowhere or you feel like a rat in a wheel, the frustration begins to set in. A sickness can also occur as a sign that we need to make adjustments in ourself and our life.

If we set a goal every year, to achieve something new, or make another step of personal progress we can avoid getting stuck in this rut and remain flexible and free. 

One of the leading causes of ill health and death in the elderly is Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It has been found that putting the body under stress by fasting can improve the flexibility of the brain cells, called Neuro-plasticity. It is the stress and change caused by this practice that strengthens the brain and makes it more resilient, and this has been shown to help prevent dementia. 

Likewise, setting goals and placing yourself under a certain level of stress, thus forcing ourselves to adapt makes us stronger and better equipped to deal with life. Stay strong and healthy can be the result. 

This year, I’m going to….

You choose!      


Goal Setting



This is a process of change or development which can take us from one stage of life into another.

We all undergo morphosis at different times in our lives; in fact, it is going on all the time.

We generate millions of new cells every day which replace the millions of dying cells. Complete organs are rebuilt every few months such as lungs and liver. In-fact almost your entire body replaces itself every seven years.  

Some creatures go through a metamorphosis and can completely transform themselves in a few short days. The butterfly is a classic example. In only seven days the caterpillar literally melts down into a mere blob of jelly inside the chrysalis and reforms from only a few cells into an entirely different creature. 

In order to do this, it must stop all activity and go into a state of hibernation within the chrysalis.

A moth uses a cocoon and us humans sometimes use a retreat center or remote temple. Similar to and alongside an exercise regimen, diet plan or herbal detox program, isolation or introspection allows the processing and release of toxins. This time can also be used for rapid healing and growth. I don’t suggest for one minute that we can perform metamorphosis to the same degree as the caterpillar, although we can do something similar.

We can take some time off work, take a break from some social engagements, sporting activity, family routines, and even household chores. In some circumstances you might even consider quitting your excessively stressful job, taking some personal time out from a dysfunctional relationship or even going on a solitary retreat or holiday. I know this may sound excessive, but if you really want to get your priorities in line and make a significant difference in your life, solitude may be what is needed to achieve inner-morphosis. After all, we are talking about initiating a potentially profound transformation within your being.

Taking it to the next level may require us to enter our own temporary chrysalis.

We need to stop our routine, change our priorities, go within and focus on ourselves. We must stop consuming and give up the constant ‘chasing the dream’, and trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’ and give our self the opportunity to see the big picture from an objective standpoint. We need to fast on pure foods, do a detox, rest and meditate, sleep and dream, feel the depth of our emotions, search within ourselves spiritually for our source and connection with God and feel our own spirit.

We can hear our mental chatter until it winds down and then listen to our still, small, inner voice and hear its beautiful truth.


Yoga Meditation

Taking baths, showers, lots of fluid, herbal teas and tonics can greatly encourage this transition to take place. Our Herbal Detox and Slim programs are designed to help detox your intestines and reduce food cravings. They are the ideal partner for your transformation process. I recommend starting these at the very outset as they are physical tools that will see you entirely through your transformation. 

Making this commitment is the best way to ensure you achieve your goals as you are guided through the detox and inspired to eat pure foods. Your stem cells will be triggered to multiply and morph rapidly into whatever types of new cells they are destined to become. You will feel the divine Love swelling within you like a flower swells within a bud. This infinite invisible energy and powerful source of information will communicate with you and will become the framework of the transformed you. 

Let your imagination run wild and be free with the possibilities for change in your life.

Maybe now is the time to take it to the next level

Brett Elliott  ®

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