It doesn’t matter when you do a detox these five tips will help.   

Enjoy Hunger

We live in a society of instant gratification which leaves little time for anticipation. The truth is it’s the expectation and anticipation that makes the gratification truly satisfying. Great music, movies and food should all employ the principle of anticipation. The slower scenes in the movies give the action more impact, the quiet parts in music give more power to the chorus line and the period of waiting at a restaurant makes the food taste all the better when you eventually get it.


  • Slow down
  • Enjoy the process of cooking and preparing fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Learn to cook exotic food with herbs and spices
  • Wait for mealtime; and
  • Truly enjoy the process of eating when you a really hungry.

Your body will thank you with much better digestion including the processing and elimination of toxins.

Eating can be an addiction and enjoying the hunger process is a sure way of avoiding this addictive eating trap.

Eat Fresh and Live Foods

If you do need to snack, choose live food. This means any food that when thrown into the compost has the potential to grow into a new plant or when left on the kitchen bench will start to go rotten within 48 hours. Almost all raw fruit and vegetable come into this category but also many dried foods such as herbs, spices, dried fruits, seeds and grains. Natural yogurt and raw milk are alive. All these foods will supply your body with toxin free nutrition and make you feel alive when you eat them.

Dead foods include cooked meats, processed breads, pasta, pastry, all baking and refined factory made packaged foods, sweets and fizzy drinks.

Eat Seasonal Foods

Your local produce store is the best place to shop especially if you wanting to detox and nourish your body while doing so. You can save yourself a lot of money by choosing to eat the foods that are in season. They will usually be the cheapest foods in the produce department because of the abundance and availability. They are the foods you are meant to eat at this time of year because nature is providing what suits the weather conditions. If you eat in season foods you will get the freshest, most alive, most resilient and most nutritious food possible. The bonus is you will find that you can almost halve your grocery bill overnight! Stay in season and your body will naturally attune itself to nature and stay strong.

Eat Organic Foods

Organic foods have no chemical sprays, insecticides or chemical fertilizers added. Organic processed foods do not have toxic chemicals used in their growth, therefore when you eat organic foods your body has a lot less toxic load and can function better.

You will find that if you follow the first three tips above that going organic is the next logical step while the savings already achieved covers any extra cost of organic food. Organic food is also richer in nutrients, it is more alive and just to top it off usually tastes twice as good.

Add Natural Herbs & Spices

All culinary herbs and spices have natural cleansing effects. Adding chili, garlic, curry, mixed herbs, spices and other fresh herbs to your food and it will greatly enhance digestion, elimination and the detox functions of your body.

Not only does food taste better but you will also improve your health in general. Most herbs help circulation, heart function, kidney and liver function, digestion and elimination, not to mention long term benefits to your brain, lungs and colon. If you don’t have any herbs in your food, start to spice it up today. You wont regret it.

If you combine the five top DETOX tips into your body cleansing program you will get outstanding results every time and improve your long term health. Building these philosophies into your lifestyle is the ultimate goal and doing a Herbal DETOX annually or even biannually is the easiest way to stay on track.


Brett Elliott ®




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