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Available in New Zealand and Australia Only

Bigger and Faster than a Nutribullet and 1/2 the price of a Vitamix

Brett uses one of these Ladyship blenders for over 10 years and uses it every day. He says it is the best machine he has ever purchased!

The LadyShip LS-588F High Speed Blender will arm you with some serious equipment. Compared to other blenders like the Nutri-bullet or Nutri-Ninja this machine has higher speed, stronger construction, and bigger capacity, not to mention outlasting them all.

You pay for a single machine… you get 6 different easy to use functional uses!

See the full specifications sheet here 

One of the greatest things about this machine is the 1.5-liter jug and how easy it is to clean. Its all in one piece so no pulling it apart, simply rinse with water and you’re cleaned in seconds. It also has a tap at the side for easy pouring. The flexible jug will never go hard, crack or splinter and is so light and easy to handle. It’s really a pleasure to use.

It’s Features Include:

  • Auto Smart Programming
  • 60-second auto pulse function
  • 60-second auto high-speed function
  • Manual Pulse function
  • Jar lid safety lock and safety switch
  • User-friendly jar tap
  • Full flow jar tap spout
  • Electric overload reset switch
  • 6 point high-speed serrated blade
  • 1.5-liter capacity jar

Runs on 240V so adapters needed outside Australasia.

Is LadyShip Organic Essence Extractor a blender or a juicer or a food processor?

The answer is YES! (and more…)

  • With the filters out – Blend it!
  • With filters in – Juice it! Milk it! Drink it!
  • Pancakes, eggs, muesli…. and more! Mix it!
  • Nuts, seeds, grains… and more Grind it!
  • Kale, spinach, silverbeet… (tough greens) Macerate it!
  • Ice blocks… Crush it!

Six powerful functions in 1 single unit and one affordable price.

See this blender in action in the video below.



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