Altho I didn’t need to reduce my weight, I had come down with some unusual bowel problems after coming back from my tropical holiday. I was not responding to other methods & was reluctant to continue on with conventional medicatons. Just by chance I saw Brett Elliot’s product on TV. I had never heard of him nor his product at the time. But, as I was steadily getting more confused with trying to settle my problems, I decided I would give it a go.. It was winter 2011-not the best time to do such a cleanse, but I could not wait. I followed each instruction thoroughly. The booklet was very well written & clear to follow. I opted for the longer plan so I could have brown rice.. I love my bread & this would be the first time in 30 years that I had taken myself off this carbohydrate. To my surprise I could live without it at the time & never craved the smell of toast my partner was having. Within the first few days my body was responding well. And my energy levels were improving. Doing the 3 week plan was much longer, but for me was the better option. It certainly worked to get my body settled again. My only hiccup was people concerned I was looking thin. I took my food with me when socialising as I was determined to give it my best. After 6 months all is good now, I decided to use the introductory Detox & Slim satchets. They should be retitled, as they are a wonderful yummy energy drink. So for those who are not over weight, don’t be put off to try these products. We are what we eat. But we also need to clean out those long term congestions that weaken the system. I’m certainly convinced & have recommended people try.


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