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Welcome to Brett Elliott's library of personally authored articles.

Each article has been written on a topic which has a connection with the Ultimate Herbal Health Program, either explaining why the program is needed, what it can help with or provides evidence for the specific foods and herbs which are used.

All articles are referenced to scientific research, with links you can follow. Much of the material is also available in Brett’s glossy color paperback books ‘Cleansed and Cured‘ and ‘Unconditional Energy Healing’ which you will find in the shop. 

Knowledge really is power when it comes to your health. Happy hunting. 

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How to Reduce Bloating & Gas
Other Health Issues

How to Reduce Bloating & Gas Naturally

Also known as flatulence, gas in the stomach is usually associated with what’s going on further down in the digestive system, like in the small intestine and colon.

Diet and Nutrition

Understanding Digestive Enzymes in Food

There are many different types of enzymes, which are highly specific to the substances they catalyze, and enzymes aid every metabolic function in the body.

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