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Brett Elliott's VIP CLENZ CLUB

Premium Membership Program

Brett Elliott

By coming together as a group and sharing in the power of traditional healing with herbal medicine, we all benefit. Collective membership allows us to understand the future needs of the members rather than focus on mass advertising. This greatly improves price and availability of herbal programs, and gives more time and energy devoted to members.
Brett Elliott – Medical Herbalist  

Unlock Exclusive Access to Premier Herbal Health Programs

Welcome to Brett Elliott’s VIP CLENZ CLUB – a unique opportunity to dive into the world of herbal health with unprecedented benefits and value. 

This exclusive subscriber program is designed for health enthusiasts who demand both quality and affordability in their wellness journey.

Why Join the VIP CLENZ CLUB?

Exceptional Value: As a member of the VIP CLENZ CLUB, you gain access to Brett Elliott’s renowned herbal health programs at an astonishing 50% discount. This isn’t just a saving; it’s a transformation in your wellness investment, making Brett Elliott products not only the most effective but also the best-value herbal health products on the market.

Exclusive Membership Benefits:

Wholesale Pricing: For a nominal fee of only $5.00/month (billed annually), you gain privileged access to our exclusive ‘50% off’ wholesale pricing. Imagine the convenience – as soon as you log in, watch as the prices across our website magically transform, unveiling your special wholesale rates. It’s like having a key to a hidden world of significant discounts, all for just a fraction of the cost. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to save while accessing premium products!

Premium Support: As a valued member of our community, you receive the exclusive privilege of bypassing standard support channels on request. This means you can directly pose your health queries to Brett Elliott, our esteemed expert. It’s more than just support; it’s a golden opportunity to have your health journey personally overseen and guided by a renowned professional. This direct line to expert advice is a special perk we reserve for our most esteemed members like you!

Weekly Inspiration: As a cherished member of our community, you’re not just another subscriber – you’re part of our inner circle. This means you’ll receive weekly emails packed with the latest insights, expert tips, and up-to-the-minute updates from the world of herbal health. While non-members receive these valuable nuggets of wisdom only monthly, you’ll be in the know every week, keeping you continuously motivated and informed on your journey to optimal health. It’s our way of ensuring you’re always a step ahead in the wellness game!

Free Access to Learning: As a valued member of our community, you have the golden key to an expansive library of knowledge. Enjoy complimentary, unlimited access to all our webinars, online events, and a diverse collection of eBooks. These resources are designed to deepen your understanding and keep you at the cutting edge of herbal health. While non-members will soon face charges for these invaluable learning tools, you’ll continue to enjoy them absolutely free. It’s our way of investing in your journey towards enhanced wellness and knowledge!

Important to Know:

  • Focused Benefits: The subscriber program is exclusively for Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal Health branded products. Other brands available on our website are not included in this program.
  • Price increase on website: Non-members will notice a reduction in available discounts on our website following the launch of the Herbal Health Collective. This will be your chance to secure the best ongoing deals.
  • No more coupons or limited offers: With the launch of the VIP CLENZ CLUB we will no longer be sending out monthly coupons or special offers to our subscribers. VIP Membership will be the only way to get discounts over 20% and most items will be listed at 10% discount to public visitors.
  • Terms and Conditions: To See the Full ‘Terms and Conditions’ of VIP Membership with Ultimate Herbal Health

Ready to Transform Your Health Journey?

Joining Brett Elliott’s VIP CLENZ CLUB is more than just a subscription; it’s a gateway to a healthier you, with the best herbal products at unbeatable prices. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to be part of a community that values health, wisdom, and savings.

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