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Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal DETOX program is packed with 100% pure herbs. The herbs are carefully selected for their specific benefits and combine to give you the ultimate inner body colon cleanse to detoxify your body. You receive 480 capsules in total – enough for anything from a 7-day Power Cleanse to the 2-month maintenance plan.

Your Herbal DETOX program includes...

The Ultimate Herbal DETOX kit comes with four different herbal products designed to work together to cleanse your colon.

You also receive the beautifully illustrated User Guide and Recipe Booklet which guides you step by step through the Herbal DETOX program. The Recipe booklet has 30 recipes to inspire you and the guide will help you answer the question of how to detox. The herbs and the user guide come in a stylish carry box for convenience.

Nutritional Information

See a breakdown of The Ultimate DETOX pack ingredients below:

Colonaid 2020

Colon-aid (120 capsules)

Maintains peristalsis & supports the colon.

Digezaid (120 capsules)

Supports digestion and nutrient absorption.

Symlax Clear

Symlax (120 capsules)

High in soluble fiber for healthy bowel movements and excellent support for blood sugar balance.

Livafood Clear

Livafood (120 capsules)

Nutrient rich formulation. Supports the liver and digestion.

BodiClenz - The Ultimate Herbal DETOX as a Drink

If you’re not so keen on taking a large number of capsules, then perhaps the BodiClenz Drink would suit you better. It has all the exact same herbs as the detox capsules program, but can be quickly made into a smoothie or shake. It comes in either a 500g or 1kg bulk pot.

Simply take between 1 and 4 shakes a day to achieve the ultimate inner body cleanse and metabolic reboot.

Learn more about BodiClenz Here 

Reviews and Feedback

My energy levels are so much better. I will definitely be staying on this way of eating

I loved the whole 2wks of the detox programme. The recipe book is fantastic & I particularly love the Thai pumpkin soup. I never felt hungry. I have had significant weight loss, my skin looks great & so much fluid I was holding in my feet & hands has eased dramatically. My stomach bloating issues & diarrhea have completely stopped and my energy levels are so much better. I will definitely be staying on this way of eating. I really appreciated the daily emails & support from Brett.


I have put 20 other people onto the herbal detox

Good morning Brett

Thank you for the digital copy of your new book. Well done. I have put approximately 20 people on to your Ultimate DETOX – all with great results. I did the 10 day DETOX back in January along with my Co-Director. He reached his ideal weight and having continued to follow the nutritional regime as best as I can have continued to benefit and have gone from a size 18 to 14. Needless to say I am delighted. Thank you for such a wonderful and easy to use DETOX.

All the best, Kind Regards



Best DETOX ever

Abdominal bloating completely gone. Minimal cravings. No headaches or moodiness. Weightloss, especially stomach and large intestine area. More energy. Incredible mental clarity and focus which led to an emotional release and softening of the heart… A much happier disposition in general. Other Comments: This is my 3rd year doing your Detox/Clense Brett and each time I have found it to be absolutely astounding!! The effect on my body is a pleasure to observe and feel. The biggest surprise for me each time is the mental clarity and emotional clensing which occurs alongside the physcal benefits… I love it!! I am a huge fan of your product and am always telling my friends “you have to do this detox clense, it will change your life!” Keep up the great work. Fan for life. Graeme 🙂


Everyone should try!

Clear skin, bright eyes, clear head, no bloatedness, lost weight, felt lighter, energetic I have candida, and struggle not to eat chocolate! this makes me bloated and the detox reduced this completely, to the point where I could tell almost immediately after I ate what foods made me bloated again. I lost 3 kg (as I do every time i detox) which is just enough to get me feeling at my best. my skin cleared up, much less redness and pimples. Amazing!!


This stuff works!

I have just ordered Ultimate Herbal Detox. This will be the 4th time I have used this in the last 5 years and it really works. I use the 14 day detox plan and I also followed the suggested food diet plan on two occasions and lost 7 kg each time. The third time I did not stick to the food plan so well but still lost 4 kg. As well as the weight loss I felt healthier and had more energy. The feeling of bloat had gone and no more indigestion.The product was originally recommended to me by a friend so it does work.


Rheumatoid arthritis, IBS and chronic fatigue.

One day I hope to shake your hand. My whole health journey started with you. I’m now vegan and free from rheumatoid arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and chronic fatigue. I’m very grateful for your work, as it propelled me forward to take control of my health and seven years after my first Brett Elliott product, I am the healthiest I’ve ever been and so are my children. I regularly use your products to this day. Thanks again.


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