Why do a Herbal DETOX program?


Because “prevention is better cure” and it’s better to “prepare than repair.” This is the holistic approach to health.

66% of all deaths in the modern world occur from the 3 biggest killers: Heart disease, Cancer and Diabetes

Why is the problem still escalating?

Obesity is at epidemic levels throughout the westernized world, including the USA, UK, Europe, Australasia and Asia. The most striking coincidence is that the 66% mortality rate from our three biggest killers matches the 66% obesity figure.
This is no coincidence!

It makes perfect sense when you look at the chemically processed foods, meats and sprayed vegetables and drugs that are being fed to the population.

Large people with metabolic syndrome
The chain reaction
Toxicity ⇒ Poisoning the body ⇒ Overload ⇒ Weight gain ⇒  Biggest killers ⇒  Early death

Toxins from processed foods, chemical additives, drugs, refined grains, sugar, flour, synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, industrial and environmental poisons, all cause a build up in our body tissues affecting our organs. Our body is slowly poisoned causing many common ailments.

Common toxins and toxin contributors include:

  • Alcohol and cigarettes are well known carcinogens which affect us over long periods of time
  • Excess sugar intake which can eventually lead to type 2 diabetes
  • Excess red meat intake which can lead to uric acid build up, pain, gout and arthritis
  • Household cleaners, deodorants, fly-sprays and bathroom products which contain up to 145,000 endocrine disrupters worldwide
  • Airborne Pollutants especially in big cities, exhaoust fumes and factory waste
  • Radiation from power lines, cell phones and other household appliances
  • Carcinogens including bacterial toxins (1)

Food intolerances, bloating, weight gain, arthritis, headaches, fatigue, asthma, excema, psoriasis, allergies and hundreds of other minor complaints, can be caused by toxicity. Watch the video Detox truth with Brett Elliott

Weight gain
As our body struggles to deal with everything we throw at it, metabolism slows down, fatigue sets in, cravings for all the wrong processed foods escalate and before we know it we are gaining weight.

Early death
With toxicity come blood sugar imbalance, weight gain and an overload of the entire body. Organ functions are compromised and heart disease, diabetes and eventually cancer can all result, simply due to long-term toxicity related metabolic imbalances. Just like a set of dominoes we are then standing on the slippery slope to general ill health and early death.

The Solution
If you also consider that phytonutrients are plentiful in all raw fruits, vegetables, and herbs and that all raw fruits vegetables and herbs have weight loss, anticancer, heart benefits and blood sugar balancing effects, then our conclusion must be: by cleansing and nourishing our body with 100% pure herbs and whole-foods we can probably prevent the three biggest killers and extend our quality of life.


The Benefits of a DETOX
There are many benefits of a detox diet and cleansing. Normally if you went to a Doctor or health practitioner of any kind, you would have to spend hundreds of dollars on consultation fees and remedies in an attempt to treat a condition. Even just to try and lift your energy levels you can spend hundreds of dollars on vitamins and other supplements. You can also spend valuable time on water fasting, master cleanse, lemon detox and others. Detoxing is not a mystery.

The fact is, after my Ultimate Herbal DETOX most of these expensive treatments are completely unnecessary. The single act of cleansing your inner body, clearing the toxins in the body, allows you the time, space and energy to heal and restore balance to the subtle systems responsible for health and vitality.

Your body has an incredible power to heal itself, given the chance. I have seen many thousands of my clients achieve wellness simply by starting with my Herbal DETOX program.

It’s your turn to benefit from my many years of hard work in perfecting this life-changing product.

Your body can, over time, build up harmful chemicals and toxins in the body. These body toxins are a common source of illness and poor wellbeing. The result of an effective detox allows you to create a healthy balance back into your body. It can neutralize, expel and correct imbalances caused by these toxins. A detox allows the body to naturally deal with and safely manage harmful chemicals in the body. This totally natural detox is provided with a detox plan that provides clear outlines including desirable detox food.

Herbal Detox supports your overall health and wellbeing and can support your natural healing processes for a wide range of illness and conditions.



(1) Bacterial protein toxins in human cancers. PubMed http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26534910