Detox & BodiClenz Recipes

Brett has put together a selection of recipes that are perfect for each Detox program type and length. Choose from the  options below and look for your program by time frame. From smoothies to salads, curries, and soups, our recipes support your recommended nutritional intake while still tasting fabulous. 

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Minty Guacamole

Tangy Mint & Lime Guacamole

It’s very important to keep high levels of good fats when detoxing as they not …

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Lettuce and Parsley Smoothie

Lettuce & Parsley Smoothie

This combination is great for alkalizing the body and for reducing indigestion and bloating. Rich …

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Date Apple Dessert

Date & Apple Delight

Here’s a quick delicious one for during your detox. It can be a great breakfast …

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Kiwi Passion Smoothie

Kiwifruit & Passion Fruit Smoothie

Ingredients: 3 x peeled and roughly chopped kiwifruit 2 x passion fruit (or pulp if it is …

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Date Cinnamon Smoothie

Date & Cinnamon Smoothie

Ingredients: 6 dates 200ml Apple Juice Tsp of cinnamon Cup of yogurt Add one whole …

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Apple and Coconut Whip

Coconut, Apple & Date Whip

Ingredients: (per serving) 1 x large apple 6 x dates 2 x dstspn soaked shredded coconut …

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