Detox & BodiClenz Recipes

Brett has put together a selection of recipes that are perfect for each Detox program type and length. Choose from the  options below and look for your program by time frame. From smoothies to salads, curries, and soups, our recipes support your recommended nutritional intake while still tasting fabulous. 

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Mung Bean Coleslaw

Mung Bean Coleslaw

A delightful dinner or lunch option. Serves 4 people Ingredients: A handful of mung bean sprouts …

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Salmon with Asparagus

Salmon & Asparagus with Caper Sauce

Salmon and asparagus are one of my favorite combinations. It’s simple, highly nutritious, and absolutely …

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Cauliflower Curry

Cauliflower Curry

A wonderfully warm and filling curry which is perfect for your Herbal DETOX or Herbal …

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Thai Carrot Salad

Thai Spicy Carrot & Apple Salad

A little hot number – and such a simple recipe. I often end up with …

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Cauliflower Rice and Brussel Sprouts

Cauliflower Rice with Brussel Sprouts

When you’re Detoxing or Slimming simplicity with food is crucial, and you couldn’t get any …

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Cauliflower Leek and Sweet Potato Soup

Cauliflower, Leek & Sweet Potato Soup

Instead of thickening a soup with flour, how about Cauliflower? Not only is Cauliflower gluten-free, …

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