Many people perform a detox program to help quit an addictive habit. This could be for health reasons, for a work-related drug test, or simply to break the addiction cycle. Some of us need a sugar detox a junk food detox or maybe detoxing to reset the metabolism or to lose some weight. Either way, it can be common to experience headaches along the way. This article might give you some ideas to help reduce the detox headache effect.

Detoxing from addictive substances

Often people undergo a regular annual detox for general health, to lose weight, or just to get on track with good eating and lifestyle habits.

However, a detox can also be a great way to quit and eliminate one or more of the following addictive habits or substances:

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Caffeine or Coffee
  • Energy Drinks
  • Marijuana or other recreational drugs
  • Junk food or sugar addiction

Our Ultimate Herbal Detox and BodiClenz Program are designed to assist you with this detoxing process and can be easily completed at home. We have also seen a 100% success rate with people using our detox programs before a work-related drug test for Marijuana when using the two-week (14-day) ‘Deep Cleanse’ program.

woman having headache

Detox Headaches

On this page, I will share some tips on avoiding the headaches that may occur when detoxing and offer you a great combination you can use to reduce such headaches.

There’s nothing more annoying than a headache, whether during a detox program or any other time. They can indicate toxicity, stress, blood sugar problems, or just general fatigue, but there is an answer.

Unfortunately, headaches are one of the most common side effects of doing a detox program if not managed properly, so I thought I should give you a natural herbal solution. Most people find that after completing our Ultimate Herbal Detox or BodiClenz programs that not only are the addictive habits easier to drop, and toxic substances out of the body, but that long-term headache problems can sometimes cease.

I will talk about things in this order, so you can easily scroll to, or skip parts.

1. Detox Headaches – What causes them and how to reduce
2. Herbal Program for Headaches
3. Avoiding Other Types of Headaches – Causes and prevention
4. Meditation and Self-Healing


1.  Detox Headaches – What causes them and how to reduce

People often report that headaches appear 2-3 days into their detox program. This is due to a number of factors such as:

  • A reduction in sugar intake along with coffee, alcohol, or other stimulant drugs or chemical food additives
  • The resulting reduction in circulating hormones due to abstaining from such substances. The brain has to recover its normal healthy function.
  • Acids and other residual chemicals or drugs, leeching out of tissues and into circulation for elimination, causing temporary inflammation.
  • Tension and stress-energy being released as the body is clearing mentally and emotionally

These symptoms can be reduced by the following methods:


2. Herbs for Headaches

brainglo liquid 500ml

Liquid Formulation

Unlike other liquids that are around, Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal BrainGlo is 100% herbal and made with clinical strength herbal extracts, made right here in New Zealand. The herbs can help improve the health of the entire Brain and assist with healthy circulation, hormonal balance, and cognition within the brain. Brainglo contains a blend of key tonic herbs to help protect and support brain health. It can be used over the long term as a tonic, or in short bursts for tension headache relief.

  • NZ Bush Honey
  • Licorice – Great for energy, stamina, and blood sugar balance.
  • Bacopa – Administration of BM appears to nourish rather than deplete neurons, an action compatible with 1400 years of Ayurvedic study.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – Inhibits platelet aggregation (anti-PAF) to reduce blood viscosity, improves circulation.
  • Gotu Kola –  Studies have shown Gotu Kola to re-vitalize the brain and nervous system, increase attention span and concentration, and combat aging.
  • St John’s wort – Helps to keep serotonin available in neuron synapses (spaces between nerve endings) of the brain. Take with professional guidance if using migraine drugs. St John’s wort protects the liver, nourishes, repairs, and calms the entire nervous system, and relieves pain.
  • Bilberry – Blueberry intake has been shown to increase brain activity, memory, and learning and to decrease age-related cognitive decline.  Cognitive performance in elderly adults improved after 12 wk of daily intake of blueberry.
  • Turmeric – Strong anti-inflammatory, digestive, and liver support, blood thinning.
  • Feverfew – Grow feverfew in the garden and chew on a few leaves when you experience a migraine aura. It is thought to work by inhibiting the generation and release of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. Feverfew has also been shown to inhibit serotonin release from platelets, aiding blood vessel tone and constriction. This is a very bitter herb that promotes digestive secretions for improved food assimilation. Feverfew can also be taken prophylactically (as a preventative) – consume 2 to 3 leaves every day to reduce the frequency of migraines.
  • Saffron – The active components in saffron protect neurons in the brain and increase the concentration of neurotransmitters in the synapses, thus enhancing cognitive function.
  • Ginger – Another plant that improves blood circulation; inhibits thromboxane and other prostaglandins. Relieves inflammation, nausea, and vomiting.

Take 10ml twice daily or 5ml four times daily, depending on the severity of the headache.
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peppermint leaf

Peppermint Herbal Tea
Peppermint can be used as a herbal tea or essential oil rubbed into the temples and back of the neck.
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Take 2-3 cups daily

lavender pillow

Lavender Eye Pillow
Lavender is a great relief when massaged into tight neck muscles. One study also suggests that inhalation of lavender essential oil may be an effective and safe treatment modality in the acute management of migraine headaches. (2) Another great way to get instant relaxation of the eyes, and brain is with a relaxing lavender eye pillow. This pillow is filled with Lavender essential oil which lasts for months Just lay down, close your eyes, then lay the lavender pillow over your eyes, relax, and breathe deeply. 10-15 minutes with this pillow has an amazing effect. Get the relaxing Lavender Eye Pillow here

Use once or twice daily for 10-15 minutes.


ultimate headache combo deal

Detox Headache COMBO Program Options

If you’re thinking about quitting a bad habit, or want to rid your body of a toxic substance you have recently been exposed to, then this combination could be just the trick. You will get the Ultimate Herbal Detox capsules, or BodiClenz drinks, enough for the full 14-day Deep Cleanse, plus you get all the detox headache remedies mentioned on this page included and save 20% on everything, or you can choose to just get the headache combo without the Detox program and save 10%.
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Take 1 scoop twice daily of the BodiClenz drink or 5 capsules twice daily from each of the Ultimate Herbal Detox Capsules (Total 40 caps daily)


3. Avoiding Other Headaches – Causes and prevention

There are many reasons for a headache so to understand prevention we need to look at the different types and what causes them.

Different types of headaches include:

  • a toxic headache
  • a tension headache
  • a migraine
  • a cluster headache
  • a sinus headache

Let’s look at these in more detail.

Toxic (Detox) Headaches
Overuse of painkillers for headaches can, ironically, lead to toxic (or withdrawal) headaches. Over-the-counter medications like aspirin, ibuprofen fool the brain, and when the medication is ceased the brain can be slow to recover full function. Toxic headaches are a symptom of withdrawal as the level of medicine drops in the bloodstream. This same effect is experienced when one drinks alcohol, smokes, or uses coffee or other stimulants such as sugar regularly and then suddenly stops. This is the type of headache you might experience when doing a detox for a work-related drug test for marijuana.

These are caused by the hormonal dependence created by repeated use of a stimulant substance. Avoiding stimulants altogether is probably the best preventative step you could take long-term. These headaches will eventually stop.

Tension Headaches
These are the most common type of headaches and feel like a constant ache or pressure around the head, especially at the temples or back of the head and neck. Experts believe these may be caused by the contraction of neck and scalp muscles and can be in response to stress and changes in brain chemicals. Slowing down, breathing deeply, eating, and taking regular breaks can reduce these. One study found that even Short term spiritual meditation was highly effective in causing earlier relief in chronic tension headache as measured by headache parameter. (3)

Cluster Headache
These often occur at night and usually cause sudden pain on one side of your head – usually around the eye. They can happen several times a day for a period of time, then disappear for months or years. During an attack, people often feel restless and unable to get comfortable; they are unlikely to lie down, as someone with a migraine might. The cause of cluster headaches is unknown but could be a combination of stress, chemical imbalance, and toxicity.

All the causes of migraine headaches are not fully understood but these are the symptoms.
At least two out of these four: one-sided pain, throbbing pain, moderate-severe pain, and pain that interferes with, is worsened by or prohibits the routine activity
At least one associated feature: nausea and/or vomiting, or, if those are not present, then sensitivity to light and sound.
These headaches can last for 4-72 hours and may be preceded by visual distortions or hand numbness. Evidence suggests that migraine activity is influenced by hormonal factors, and particularly by estrogen levels. Postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy has been found to be associated with a migraine worsening in observational population-based studies. (1) This indicates hormones are probably a factor.

Sinus Headaches
When a sinus becomes inflamed, often due to an infection, it can cause pain. It usually comes with a fever and can be diagnosed by symptoms or the presence of pus. Usually, this is treated with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory remedies. By treating the entire body systemically with a Herbal Detox program sinus problems have been shown to reduce dramatically. This occurs at the mucous membranes are cleansed, stimulated and general inflammation is reduced by a good detox program.


4. Meditation

Meditation can be incredibly powerful at relaxing the central nervous system and this includes the brain. Not only does meditation potentially increase the amount of oxygen supplied to the brain but also helps with the stress and addictive mental, emotional patterns related to the substance being detoxified.

It’s best to sit in a quiet place for at least 10 minutes, but up to 30 minutes is even better. Focus on breathing deeply the entire time with the eyes closed. Repeating a positive phrase in your mind is a great way to calm the brain. Sometimes a power nap may result from meditation, which is perfect, as this can reset the hormones in your brain and allow you to continue on with your day without the headache.

Meditation can also be a powerful tool when it comes to your long-term conquering of the addictive cycle.

Check out my full meditation method here
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There is no magic cure for headaches because there are so many factors involved, but from your symptoms, you can assess your headache, look at the potential causes and choose natural solutions where possible. Doing a natural detox program can not only assist in your process of changing bad habits into good habits but in some cases, the detox headache has shown to be a long term cure for recurring headaches.

It has been our experience that people who undertake the Ultimate Herbal Detox can see the long-term resolution of headaches. The detox headache once relieved can be the end very of a wonderful process of getting clear and free of the addiction cycle.

We have had a 100% success rate with people using this program before a work-related drug test for Marijuana when using the two-week (14-day) Ultimate Herbal Detox program pictured below.



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