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Over the years I have seen many women who have been trying to conceive report success after completing my Herbal DETOX program, so I thought it might be helpful to write an article on this subject.   To elucidate I have coined this phrase “If you want to grow some flowers in the garden, first you need to pull out the weeds and prepare the soil, then you are ready for the seed” There are a couple of aspects to look at: How does our health affect the developing baby?; and How could a natural detox increase our fertility?

How does our health affect the developing baby?
Research shows that improving your health before conception has a positive influence on the future health of your child. For example, a parent who is obese could significantly increase the risk of their child developing metabolic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The research notes that anxiety and immune dysfunction could also be passed down. Prof. Robertson explains that this is because many things we do in our lives – such as adopting a poor diet or smoking – are stored in the egg and sperm. They are translated into environmental signals that are transmitted to the embryo. (1)

We all know that toxins stored in the mother are shared with the unborn child, but what about the father. Of course, sperm can be damaged by toxins as well so potential Dads need to be aware of their role too. This piece of research is for Dads “During spermatogenesis (sperm growth) some regions in the DNA may be sensitive to environmental damage; these effects can be transmitted to the next generation.

It is possible that poor nutrition or hormone levels in obese fathers leads to incomplete DNA development or too unstable genomic imprinting of sperm cells. Further research is necessary to confirm our findings.” (1)

So it’s crucial that BOTH prospective parents achieve ultimate health before conceiving.

The effect of Toxins
Children of today can potentially be born with more than 250 carcinogens, neurotoxins and endocrine disrupters. These toxins can severely damage the physical and mental development of the fetus which can lead to allergies, food intolerance, skin irritations like eczema, as well as celiac disease or even autism.

A detox enables the liver to convert fat-soluble toxins into their water-soluble form allowing the body’s natural detoxification organs to eliminate them in urine, bowel movement and sweat. Toxins residing in the body in their fat-soluble state are ultimately stored in fatty tissue, increasing your toxic load also resulting in weight gain.

It is fairly well recognized that if your body has toxins then your eggs and sperm will be affected. This means when you do become pregnant, the embryo will develop within a toxic environment. This can be very detrimental. Birth defects, learning difficulties, ADHD or miscarriages are just some of the possibilities. Smoking, drinking and taking other drugs is discouraged during pregnancy for this very reason.

Dietary suggestion

Female Hormone supporting foods:

  • Miso soup, or paste
  • Maca powder in smoothies
  • Kelp, as seaweed or in Sushi
  • Good fats, including butter, olive oil, oily fish and avocado
  • Nettle and raspberry herbal teas

The bowel and reproductive hormone connection
Your digestive system is enhanced by a natural detox and the pure foods which enables the body to eliminate toxins and absorb nutrients more effectively.

One of the key things about detoxing is that the female hormones estrogen and progesterone and male hormone testosterone circulate from the reproductive organs to the Liver, through the intestine and back into circulation. This is called enteroheaptic circulation. This means a clean well functioning digestive tract is crucial to maintaining adequate levels of reproductive hormones.    One study showed that intestinal microflora plays a key role in enterohepatic circulation. (4) Healthy microflora includes those found in living foods like organic yogurt cultures and other probiotics, and prebiotics.

Prebiotic Herbs include:

All of the above herbs are in our

Enterohepatic recirculation of endogenous compounds is aimed at maintaining a steady-state serum concentration for immediate use and hydrolysis in the target organs and this is very important to reduce the symptoms of Menopause and PMS. (5)

The Herbal Detox not only eliminates toxins but also reduces parasites and candida in the gut further enhancing gut flora and a healthy reproductive hormone cycle.

There is some fairly strong research connecting a healthy digestive system with a good reproductive cycle. For example, PMS symptoms can be more pronounced in women with deficient liver energy. (2)

In a Japanese study on the subject, women who tended to be more constipated showed more dramatic changes in bowel activity before and at the time of menses (3).

In Summary

  • Our general health affects the baby both before conception and during pregnancy
  • Toxins in our body will affect our ability to conceive and be toxic to the baby
  • There is a link between bowel health and healthy reproductive hormones

increasing fertility

I will try and connect these points briefly. Giving your body a thorough natural detox not only improves your general health and your potential to conceive but also encourages delivery of a healthy and happy baby.

By doing a natural herbal detox, the body and your bowel health can improve greatly affecting the hormonal system and clearing the way for the conception of a baby.

Over the years we have seen many women conceive after completing our Herbal DETOX program and it makes sense when you consider the points above.

So if you want to increase your odds of conception and a healthy baby it is certainly worth giving it a go.

I would suggest starting a 14-day Herbal Detox a couple of days after menstruation for best results.

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Good luck and please share your results with us.

Many Blessings

Brett Elliott ®

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