In recent decades our technology has advanced rapidly, to the point where we can now scan our bodies with electromagnetic devices, see into the depths of space, live stream instantly around the globe, and even manipulate the human genome.

With all of this advanced technology, we still appear unable to cure some of the most prevalent health conditions such as common digestive complaints, mental health issues, chronic fatigue, and epidemics of metabolic, hormonal and autoimmune disease.

The simple fact is that modern science often begets narrow mindedness. In other words, the young scientist can become so awed by science and tangled up in specialist details, that he or she forgets that science itself has only understood a very small fraction of our reality, our cosmos and ourselves as human beings, potentially under 1%.

Things currently unknown to science include:

  • over 90% of the cosmos (an underestimate), including: dark energy, dark matter, inifinite size, beginning of time. (1)
  • how the universe began, i.e. the big bang theory is still a theory, full of holes and unproven
  • how life itself actually began, a complete mystery (2)
  • human consciousness, what is it and where is it exactly, how does it operate? (3)
  • actual observation of human dreams, thoughts, emotions (feelings), and love
  • 99% of intestinal human bacteria still unknown (4)
  • 80% of the ocean floor, still unexplored (5)
  • God, spirituality and the existence of life after death

These things are crucial to understanding the causes and cures for disease; the energy of the universe, life itself, human consciousness and spirituality. Otherwise, we are just poking and prodding at our bodies with our blunt and primitive methods.

The Problem with Modern Science
Scientists often forget that the greatest minds that ever lived, and the grandfathers of modern science, such as Albert Einstien and Isaac Newton originally set out on a quest to prove their belief or theory that there was a greater intellegence behind the universe. They postulated that if this was corerect then everything should follow distinct, intelligent laws and rational mathematical principles. A chaotic universe would otherwise surely exist wihout such intelligent design. 

Einstein acknowledged that his own understanding of God was rooted in his belief of a supreme intelligence underpinning the universe” (6)

Newton believed that behind the veil of the physical world lived a divine, infinite intelligence which continuously supported and maintained it. The God who designed the universe and the life it hosts was infinitely superior to the human ability to understand Him. Newton saw himself ‘like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me’. This kind of genuine intellectual humility is often found among the greatest scientists.” (6)

Through their discoveries, research and experimentation Einstien and Newton both found their theories to be true. Yet science today broadly claims there is no evidence for a divine cosmic intelligence and that everything has inadvertently happened by chance, random occurence, natural selection or coincidence. This couldn’t be further from the truth, because to this day, Einstien and Newton are revered as having uncovered the ultimate secrets to how the universe operates from incontrovertible governing laws. In other words, the evidence for intelligent design is absolutely everywhere we look.   

The athiestic scientific veiw may in-fact underlie the majority of problems we face in the world today, especially within our medical and healthcare systems. In contradiction, approximately 50% of scientists still do claim to have a religious or spiritual faith.    

The true scientist keeps an open mind and realizes the limitations of current knowledge. The true scientist is an explorer of theory and performs many experiments. The true scientist is an open minded adventurer into the unknown and registers no opinions. He or she assumes nothing, and makes no conclusions without rigorous testing and an unbaised gathering of results.

Let the journey begin
I invite you on a journey of self-discovery and realization, no matter where you are along your own healing path. I invite you to experiment, test and measure your results and experiences as you embark on this healing pilgrimage.

In this series, I will share with you the secrets of energy healing, which have been revealed to me over 25 years of energy healing work in my private practice. I will give you simple methods which you can test immediately and practical explanations, using scientific principles and references along the way.

I will start by explaining the nature of healing energy, where it comes from and how it moves, then I will explain how you can tune in, connect with it, and channel it. Ultimately you should have direct experiences of healing energy within yourself which will bring you measuarable results. 

Lastly, I will give you the secrets to tap into an infinite supply of this healing energy and encourage it to penetrate every part of your body, heart, and mind to fill you with happiness and peace. You will not only be able to heal yourself, but potentially help others to do the same.

I know this all sounds too good to be true, but I assure you it’s possible. All it takes is an open mind, some experimentation, practice and perseverance.

Prepare to experience more than you imagined possible.

Many Blessings


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