We’re going to get started with how to put yourself in the right space to receive healing energy.

This means putting aside our past understandings and allowing for a new paradigm, a new type of view on the world and ourselves.

As we go through life we develop opinions, attitudes, and beliefs all based on our experiences our culture, family, language, personal and professional relationships. These do not necessarily constitute true knowledge in scientific terms.

What our experiences in life tend to do is build our character and personality which is great. Our self-identity is known as our ‘Ego’ and this is built upon our experiecnes. (1) In this context our ‘Ego’ makes up our personality, our opinions, beleifs and attitudes.

It is important to identify the distinct difference between opinions, attitudes, and beliefs and actual knowledge. In order to obtain true knowlegde and a new understanding of something profound enough to heal our body and mind, we need to get outside and above this limited self-identity/Ego.

I know this may seem challenging, but in order to take on the pure power and healing available it is very important to take a higher perspective than we may have had in the past.

We must attain the highest possible perspective in order to heal ourselves.Similar to how we drive a vehicle, or how a jockey controls a horse, we must rise above our Ego in order to reach the place where healing energy resides. Then we can truly tap into the healing power.

In order to be released or to break free from the limiting patterns of our past we need to rise above them and take control with new knowledge. After all knowledge is power, right?

Could you operate on your own heart and perform a triple bypass? I don’t think so. You need somebody else who is above and beyond the limitations of your body to perform the surgery for you. 

Can you easily solve a maze and find the exit without seeing the plan from above? No, but if you could have a birds-eye view of the maze you would walk right out without a wrong turn. 

The biggest probelm we face when trying to heal ourselves is this very principle. It’s hard to rise above our past patterns, attitudes, beliefs, opinions and even our current situations and circumstances. 

It’s a bit like we are a puppet on a string sometimes, under the control of our subconsious. 


As an example, let’s look at the three major levels of our Ego.

  • Physical; For us to heal our body we can not be under the control of our body’s impulses, appetites and desires, which means we must be rise above the body and take control of our emotions.
  • Emotional; In order for us to take control of our emotions, we must also rise above them and take control with the power of our minds. It is futile attempting to heal ourselves emotionally without gaining this mental self control.
  • Mind; in order to truly heal our minds and gain knowledge of things above and beyond our previous experiences we must also rise above the mind, the personal Ego and even the society based Super-Ego (2).

Consider a place above and beyond, language, culture, race, nation and even our world. A place where all absolute knowledge resides and where healing and a culmination of all consciousness and energy reside. This is the place we need to be to reach true ultimate healing. 

Healing energy comes from a place of universal or cosmic consiousness and does not follow the rules of our past experiences. For us to truly connect with and receive healing we must also rise to this place. 

Then we can connect and tap into the healing energy. We will talk about this process of tuning in and tapping into healing energy in more detail in coming chapters. 

For now, take some time to consider this concept, as you will be needing it in order to continue on this healing journey,

Many Blessings


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