Unconditional Energy Healing – Part 2 – A Higher Perspective

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To cope with these difficult experiences as we go through life, we develop opinions, attitudes, and beliefs, all based on our surroundings, our family, culture, society, language, personal and professional relationships. A large proportion of these opinions, attitudes, and beliefs are defence mechanisms, and these do not necessarily represent true knowledge in scientific terms. In-fact these ideas we develop largely constitute a fabrication and don’t often truly serve to benefit us, especially in the long-term.

What our experiences in life tend to do is build our character and personality, which is great. This character and personality, or self-identity is known as our ‘Ego’  and is built upon these experiences. In this context, our ‘Ego’ is made from our experience-based personality, with its opinions, beliefs and attitudes. (1)It is important to identify the distinct difference between our Ego’s opinions, attitudes, and beliefs, against actual knowledge, and our true deeper eternal nature. In order to obtain true knowledge and a new understanding of something profound enough to heal our body and mind, we need to get outside and above these self-constructed unrealities and this limited self-identity/Ego.

We need to burst our bubble, think outside the box, transcend our physical boundaries and allow a new level of universal consciousness to distil up us. 

Rising above = Transcending
I know this may seem challenging, but in order to take on the pure energy and healing available, it is very important to take a higher perspective than we may have had until now.

We must attain the highest possible perspective in order to truly heal ourselves. Similar to how we drive a vehicle, or how a jockey controls a horse, we must realise our limited, worldly, self-constructed ‘Ego’ is controlling us, and break free from it, in order to become attuned with the place where healing energy resides. Then we can truly tap into an infinite healing power.

In order to be released, or to break free from the limiting patterns of our past we need to transcend them, so we can take control with a new, higher universal knowledge. After all, knowledge is power, right?

Could you operate surgically on your own heart and perform a triple bypass? I don’t think so. You need somebody else who is above and beyond the limitations of your body to perform the surgery for you.

Can you easily solve a maze and find the exit without knowing the design or seeing the plan from above? No, but if you could have a birds-eye view of the maze you would easily walk right out without a wrong turn.

The biggest problem we face when trying to heal ourselves is this very principle. It’s hard to rise above our past patterns, engrained attitudes, beliefs, opinions and even our current situations and circumstances. It’s a bit like we are a puppet on a string sometimes, under the control of our subconscious ego, with its limited beliefs, opinions, attitudes and the reactionary coping mechanisms it has inflicted upon us.


A perfect example of how to achieve higher self-control is found by describing the interplay between the three major levels of ourselves, namely, the physical, emotional, and mental.

  • Physical; The Body. For us to heal our body physically we cannot be under the power of our body’s basic impulses, addictive appetites and desires, which means we must be rise above the carnal, animalistic physical body by taking control of our emotions. The keywords here are ‘rise above’ but this emotional discipline can be a struggle in itself.
  • Emotional; Our Feelings. In order for us to take control of our emotions, we must also ‘rise above’ them and take the reins, by using the power of our mind. It is futile attempting to heal and balance ourselves emotionally without first gaining some mental self-control. After all, who should be driving this vehicle anyway?
  • Mental; Our Mind. This can be a runaway train if we’re not behind the controls. To truly and effectively heal ourselves mentally, we must enlighten our minds, and gain knowledge of things above and beyond our previous worldly experiences. Yes, we must also rise above the mind, but in particular, the personal Ego-based mind, and even the collective society-based subconscious Super-Ego or ‘group think’ (2). We must tap into and realise a higher form of awareness called ‘universal consciousness’ but how can we do this?

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Astronauts talk about a shift in consciousness that occurs when they first travel to space and see the earth from above. It’s called the overview effect.

It is the experience of seeing first-hand the reality of the Earth in space, which is immediately perceived differently and understood to be a tiny, fragile ball of life, “hanging in the void”, protected and nourished by a paper-thin atmosphere. From space, national boundaries vanish, the conflicts that divide people become insignificant, and the need to create a planetary society with the united will to protect this “pale blue dot” becomes both obvious and imperative. This effect is a very common experience and has occurred with many astronauts. (3) You may have had a version of this yourself on an aeroplane.

Consider a place above and beyond, language, culture, race, nation, and even our world. A place where all absolute knowledge resides and where healing and a culmination of all universal consciousness and infinite energy reside.


Consider a place beyond our physical world, where heavy physical matter ceases to exist and everything is in a pure-energy state. This is a place where we no longer have the worldly boundaries that exist on earth or in the physical realm. This is the place of our dreams, a place of pure consciousness, and energy. This is the place we need to connect with and directly experience as tangible and real, in order to accomplish unconditional energy healing.

The healing energy the comes from this place of universal or collective cosmic consciousness does not follow the same rules as our past experiences here on earth. For us to truly connect with and receive healing we must aspire to this higher place. For the sake of this text, we will call it  ‘A Higher Perspective’

Once there, we have the potential to connect with and tap into the healing energy. We will talk about this process of rising above, tuning in, and tapping into healing energy in more detail in coming chapters.

For now, please take some time to consider and ponder deeply this ‘higher perspective’ concept, and what that perspective may look and feel like for you, as you will definitely be needing it in order to continue forward on this healing journey.

I seriously advise taking a few minutes right now to sit, close your eyes and breathe slowly, allowing this idea to permeate your mind so you can tune into the feelings it brings.

In the next chapter, I will talk about how the healing energy actually moves.

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