Unconditional Energy Healing – Part 4 – Tuning In

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All we need to do is, attune ourselves to the unconditional healing energy channel (or frequency) and you can receive a signal in the form of electromagnetic energy, which is a pulsating particle/waveform capable of carrying both energy and information.

When two devices or objects have the same tuning or frequency they actually resonate with each other and can communicate. The great thing about receiving energy by ‘resonance’ is that while one end is transmitting the other end can receive ‘passively’. This means no effort or action is required by the receiver. Just like when you look at the sunset, your eyes simply receive the beautiful orange light of the setting sun without any effort on your part. That’s because your eyes are already attuned to the frequency of the visible light spectrum.

This exact same principle applies when tuning into healing energy. We only need to understand what the frequency is to tune into this energy. Because there is an infinite reservoir of healing energy available, once tuned in, we can receive an endless, infinite flow of this energy.

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Because we are continuously distracted by the world around us we tend to tune into things that are around us which are usually disconnected from healing energy. In-fact there is usually not any healing energy to be found in the mostly man-made physical world around us, apart from a small fraction available by connecting with nature. This is because pure healing energy originates from above on the vertical axis. Remember how we talked about obtaining the highest perspective in order to connect with healing energy? The same rule applies when tuning in. We need to turn our receptive senses upwards to the higher realm of universal consciousness, which is above and beyond the world around us, and ultimately resonates with infinite unconditional love.

In a well-known physics experiment, two tuning forks of the same note are placed on a table several feet apart. One fork is struck with a hammer and makes a loud gong sound. Within seconds the second tuning fork starts to make the same sound without being struck at all. This is the principle of resonance in action. If another tuning fork of differing frequency was in the vicinity of the first one being struck then it would sit dead, and make no sound. You can only resonate when attuned to the same wavelength as the source. This is exactly how the principle of ‘tuning in’ to healing energy operates. Once you are on the correct wavelength/frequency, you will receive healing energy without any effort involved. You act like the second ‘passive’ tuning fork, and you simply resonate with universal healing energy.

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Please remember the word ‘EFFORTLESS’. This is crucial to understanding unconditional energy healing. We do nothing, other than drop our ego, (our past ideas) tune in, and allow ourselves to resonate with the source of healing energy.  

A common mistake a lot of so-called energy healers make is that they make an effort, and try to use their own energy in some way, shape, or form. They try to push, manipulate or force energy using their will-power or mind. That’s an entirely incorrect practice, as the healing energy is not ours, and does not belong to us. It’s a bit like air, we breathe it in and we breathe it out, but it never belongs to us. If you try and use your own energy to heal, then you can drain yourself, end up feeling exhausted and you may inadvertently pick up complex stress energy from other people as a result.

A good exercise to practice tuning in is listening. Simply sit still and listen to what’s going on around you and see if you can tune in to various things. Listening intently to music is quite a good warm-up for this exercise. You can also practice tuning into and feeling various frequencies, by being mindful, meditating, and just taking time out to be still. I will expand on this method later on.

For now, I want you to consider this. When you focus on, think about, accept, or believe certain things, you are essentially tuning into certain frequencies. That which you think about and focus on generates a pattern within you and that pattern can be one of purity, peace, and health, or one of disruption and stress.

It’s often said that we tend to hang out with like-minded people, and that ‘birds of a feather stick together’. This is perfectly natural, because we don’t like to be around things, or people that conflict with our personal energy. You will feel comfortable with things that are on the same wavelength or frequency as yourself. This is all very well, but if it’s healing you need then it’s important to look carefully at your situation, and consider if there’s anything or anyone that’s potentially worth disconnecting yourself from.

Without being aware of it you can be tuning into negative people, toxic energy, and even energy parasites. This can all drag you down and leave you feeling depleted. It is important to be discerning and not allow yourself to tune in to anything that is not contributing to your higher purpose. We must be like water off a ducks back and not allow ourselves to get dragged in, or buy-in to others negativity or dilemmas. We are all here to learn about integrating our pure unconditional loving spirit with our physical body and we can only do this when we are centred with healing energy.

Tuning into the absolute highest source of universal energy and love is needed to bring about healing and this can be achieved simply by understanding the principle of resonance. If you want to receive healing energy you must resonate with it and that’s all there is to it. It sounds too easy, and that in itself can actually stand in your way. Because we spend most of our time attempting to resonate with the world around us and trying to tune into what is mostly just entertainment and distracting interference. Because of this we expect things to be complicated, we forget the simple truth, and the healing signals fade out a majority of the time.

With regular practice, we can stay attuned, and when we obtain direct alignment with the absolute highest universal truths in our hearts and minds we begin to resonate with the unconditional healing energy. It’s not that we generate the energy. We simply tune in to it and immediately we begin to receive its healing power.

We will talk more about this principle in the next chapter, but keep this in mind for now.

All we need to do is, tune in to the source of healing energy in order to freely receive an infinite supply.

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