Healing Energy is just like any other energy, it moves and it travels from one place to another.

In order to put ourselves in the right place to receive healing energy you could compare other types of energy and how they are received.

A great example is some telephones and televisions which receive energy in the form of microwaves from satellites in space.

All you need to do is tune in to the right channel or frequency and you will receive the signal in the form of an electromagnetic energy, which is a pulsating wave containing information.

When two devices or objects have the same tuning or frequency they actually resonate with each other. The great thing about receiving energy by resonance is that while one end is transmitting the other is receiving passively. This means no effort or action is required by the receiver. Just like when you look at the sunset, your eyes simply receive the beautiful orange light of the setting sun without any effort on your part. That’s because your eyes are already tuned to the frequency of the visible light spectrum.

The same principle applies when tuning into healing energy. We only need to understand what the frequency is for tuning into this energy. Because there is an infinite reservoir of healing energy available, once tuned in, we can receive an endless flow of this energy.

Because we are continuously distracted by the world around us we tend to tune into things that are very distant and disconnected with healing energy. In-fact there is no healing energy to be found in the physical world around us, as this energy comes from above on the vertical axis. Remember how we talked about obtaining the highest perspective in order to connect with healing energy. The same rule applies when tuning in. We need to turn our senses upwards to the higher realm of universal consciousness, which is above and beyond the world around us, and ultimately resonates with unconditional love.

As you will see the video, the second tuning fork starts to make sound without being hit. This is how the principle of tuning in to healing energy operates. Once you are on the right wave length/frequency you will receive healing energy without any effort involved.

Remember these two words ‘NO EFFORT’. They are crucial to understanding ultimate energy healing.





A common mistake a lot of so called energy healers make, is that they try to use their own energy in some way, shape or form. They try to force energy using their will power or mind. That is completely incorrect, as the healing energy is not ours, and does not belong to us. It’s a bit like air, we breathe it in and we breathe it out, but it never belongs to us. If you try and use your own energy to heal, then you can end up feeling exhausted and you may actually end up picking up negative energy from other people as a result.

A good exercise to practice tuning in, is listening. Simply sit still and listen to what’s going on around you and see if you can tune in to various things. Music is also good for this exercise. You can also practice tuning into and feeling various frequencies, by being mindful, meditating, and just taking time out to be still.

We will talk more about this principle in the next section, but keep this in mind for now.

All we need to do is, tune in to the infinite source of healing energy in order to freely receive.

Many Blessings


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