Unconditional Energy Healing – Part 5 – What is Healing Energy

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In order to heal, our body needs to clearly receive and respond to the complete informational blueprint that our DNA has programmed into it. We now know that our DNA not only carries our parental genetic code, but also responds to environmental factors, and throughout our lifetime genes can switch on and off. Active genes can be switched off and inactive genes which may not be functioning correctly can actually be switched on. This has given rise to an increasing field of research called epigenetics. This has clearly revealed the fact that environmental influences can powerfully affect our genes. (1)

genetics infogrpahic

Electromagnetic Energy

The fact that we receive information from our environment in the form of electromagnetic energy is a critical point to understanding what healing energy is. For example, we see light and we feel heat which are both variable forms of electromagnetic energy.

We also use electromagnetic energy in the form of radio, microwave (satellites, phones), and digital (fibre-optics) to communicate information with our technology. Because healing energy also has this electromagnetic quality, it’s worth discussing these similitudes.

A great analogy for the source of healing energy is the Sun. We know that all life on this planet relies on energy from the sun, as the sun provides the energy of life. Plants capture the electromagnetic energy from the sun, then use photosynthesis to store this energy (chlorophyll) which is transformed into plant sugars (carbohydrates) to feed our metabolism.

The interesting thing about using the sun as an analogy for healing energy is the nature of the sun as a source of energy. It characterises an infinite and unconditional source. it requires nothing in return and it continually pours out the energy of life for thousands of millions of years. We don’t need to give anything to the sun, yet it freely gives out life energy.

In order to expand on this a little, let’s discuss our world in terms of this electromagnetic energy. I won’t go into any in-depth science or physics but I would like to examine the potentials we have at our fingertips regarding energy, and what we can do with it to heal ourselves.

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Another similarity between the Sun and healing energy is the way it behaves. For example, when clouds appear or we walk into the shadows, the energy appears to fade and diminish. At night we fall into darkness, but the sun itself continues to shine. You could say the same thing applies to healing energy. When clouds appear in our lives, or our minds become disturbed with the complexities of life, healing energy appears to decrease and we feel weak, empty, and tired. The fact is, however, that the healing energy has never stopped shining upon us, we simply needed to step out of the shadows, clear our minds, and instantly the sun shines upon us again.

The most striking parallel with healing energy and sunlight is in its electromagnetic character, so let’s have a look at this amazing spectrum of electromagnetism, or as I like to call it, the spectrum of light. After all, electromagnetism is just various forms of light energy.

Most of us are familiar with the spectrum of visible light, as we’ve all seen a rainbow. We know that plants trap this light energy which becomes the metabolic energy source for all living things. Hence, we get light energy indirectly from the sun in our food. But what about all the other electromagnetic energy (EM) that is around us and within us, and what exists beyond the spectrum of visible light?

Have a quick look at the diagram of the EM light spectrum below. This is the spectrum of EM energy. >99.99% of this spectrum is unseen by the human eye, but a great percentage of it can be subtly felt, by our own personal energy field.

You can see on the chart how the tiny visible light fraction fits into the grand scheme of things. It plays a very small part. On either side of visible light are other EM waves of varying length which also transmit energy and sometimes used to transmit extremely condensed information. By the way, the jury is out regarding light as energy or particles, or both. It behaves as if it were both, so let’s allow for this possibility. In other words, when we receive light or healing energy, we may actually be receiving subtle matter of some kind.

At the wide end, we have radio waves. They transmit a tremendous amount of complex information through our atmosphere and also through space. Thanks to microwave satellite’s we also enjoy high-definition television pictures with surround sound, all traveling around the world instantly. The EM spectrum extends beyond this diagram in both directions, but how far we don’t really know. This means that we have built into our planet and our universe, an incredibly powerful information highway with virtually infinite potential.


At the narrow end of the spectrum, you have gamma radiation which is emitted by the sun. This energy is powerful enough to penetrate our planet directly through its core. This means that even at night while you are sleeping, gamma rays from our sun are passing through your body continuously.

What I find intriguing about this spectrum is its infinite potential for energy and information transmission. If you consider the amount of information transferred by our television satellites at the low-frequency end of the spectrum then how much more can be sent at the high frequency end? If you compare the wavelengths then the difference is clear.

Radio waves are the length of a football field and gamma rays smaller than an atom. The shorter the wave, the higher the frequency, and the more information can potentially be carried in a shorter time frame, but the longer waves are more powerful over a longer distance. There is merit in both the high and low frequencies as the high frequency has more intense power in shorter distances, where the lower frequencies can travel greater distances a lot faster.

A great example of this capacity is the microwave satellite technology that we already use for communications and television. In fact, the entire universe has a continuous, uniform, warm, cosmic microwave background called the CMD, and I suspect this could indicate the location of our infinite healing energy reservoir. (2) We will talk more soon about tapping into this reservoir later.

Because we only understand less than 10% of our universe, frequencies beyond the scope of our current scientific discoveries must exist, and this is where healing energy lies waiting, still to be found by science. This gives rise to the possibilities of universal, cosmic, and spiritual energies that may be miles off our charts. If you consider that the spark of life, human consciousness, love and emotions are also off the science charts, there appears to be an obvious connection.

Cosmic Plasma
Another form of matter that exists throughout our universe is called ‘Plasma’. This universal, cosmic plasma is actually the fourth state of matter and is found everywhere in the universe making up to 99% of our universe. Traditionally we are taught about matter as being in three states, solid, liquid, or gas, but this fourth state ‘plasma’ is not mentioned. Plasmas pervade intergalactic space, interstellar space, interplanetary space, and the space environments of the planets. This plasma is interwoven within the electromagnetic fields throughout the universe and the nature of their interactions is yet unclear to scientists. (2)

In other words, we have a finer form of matter than the gasses and this largely ‘invisible matter’ is intrinsically connected with the EM fields of light and potentially, information.

Over the last decade, “plasma medicine” has become a booming interdisciplinary research topic of growing importance that explores enormous opportunities at the interface of chemistry, plasma physics, and the biomedical sciences. (3)

This poses the question. Are these universal EM fields responsible for carrying the information responsible for the structure, formation, and behaviour of our physical universe? Is there information quietly hidden within subtle EM frequencies which give rise to organized matter and life by transfer of intelligent design data, thus influencing cosmic plasma? I know, these are deep questions, but again I emphasize the limitations of current science which only understands less than 1% of everything there is to know, hence the possibilities of the existence of infinite healing energy remain wide open.

If we spent the same amount of time and money investigating human energy fields, consciousness, and the direct transfer of intelligence through plasma as we do sending probes into space, I’m sure we’d be all the more enlightened as a species by now.

Connecting the dots:

  • According to modern astrophysics, the invisible dark matter/energy in our universe is over 95% of the known cosmos and is suspected to hold together the fabric of creation from which our entire universe emerges, including the unified EM fields, and cosmic plasma.
  • In communication networks, EM energy is used to transfer information across vast distances, and in the medical field, EM energy is used in both diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. This includes x-ray, MRI and CT scans, radiotherapy, plasma, and laser treatment, to mention just a few.
  • According to all major religions, God is an all-powerful (omnipotent) spiritual being, the creator of worlds without number, is all-knowing (omniscient), and ever-present (omnipresent) as a great consciousness throughout the entire cosmos. (3)

I reiterate these points above because I want to open your thinking process to the possibility of connecting these striking parallels together, as they all fit within the scope explaining the source of healing energy.

Thousands of years ago when the religions were formed and people spoke of spirits and healing powers nobody had the faintest idea about EM or plasma and how these layers of creation could be used as healing tools, transferring energy and information. Yet all of these modern scientific discoveries fit perfectly within the scope of these spiritual traditions. You would think if these ancient practices and beliefs were nothing but mythology and fairy tales then modern science would have found contradictions within the make-up of our universe. The opposite has unfolded. Science is pointing to the fact that spirituality, healing, and other dimensions of existence do look like definite tangible realities.

If more than 95% of the energy in our cosmos still lies outside of scientific knowledge, including things such as human consciousness, spirituality, the source of life, then it’s a distinct plausible possibility that these all reside within the same realm, i.e. the realm of a great field of uncharted electromagnetic energy and plasma. In fact, I know for absolutely certain that there is such a connection, and this is where healing energy can be found.

You can also know this for certain by conducting the personal experiments that I’m going to share with you in this book. You can be like the scientist researching a new theory, gathering the results to draw your conclusion. The test methods you can use will be covered in the pages to come.

Prepare to go where you have not been before, allowing yourself new experiences of being connected to yourself and to the cosmos at wonderful, dizzying heights. Nothing but goodness and healing is to be found within these experiments, and this will become your testimony of the truthfulness of unconditional energy healing. Let’s talk about what you might feel.

How does healing energy feel?

A wonderful experience that confirms when you have made the connection to healing energy is the feeling that the energy itself brings. I will bullet point some of the feelings you could get from healing energy.

  • Heat or warmth – As healing energy passes through us it breaks up complex material into simpler free energy, and as this resistance is encountered, broken down, and liberated, we feel warmth or heat. It can feel like gentle sunlight on your head, back, and shoulders or within your chest and core. It can also feel like a warm golden honey-like liquid moving slowly and taking away pain and stress from wherever it is felt.
  • Peace and comfort – Similar to being with a loved family member or spouse during a happy time, the warm fuzzy, or a deep sense of contentment, belonging, and connectedness can occur. This is because healing energy is essentially the energy of love and represents your true nature and your eternal home.
  • Energy and lightness – This is a feeling of incredible vitality and clarity that can make you feel light and energized, almost like you could float. Because healing energy releases heavy toxins and stress, it lifts and simplifies your molecular structure, and allows electricity to move freely throughout your body.

Everybody feels healing energy differently. Sometimes there is temporary buzzing, tingling, pressure, or even pain, but this should all pass quickly, as this usually occurs when there has been a severe blockage or stress build-up of some kind.

Let’s summarize:

  • Electromagnetic waves and plasma exist throughout our universe and are capable of unimaginable quantities of information transmission.
  • Our cells can receive information from our environment as electromagnetic energy which can affect our genetic expression and therefore healthy cell regeneration.
  • We already use electromagnetic and plasma energy in our health system for various diagnostic and treatment methods.
  • Healing energy brings warmth, light, information, and life to all it touches, but most of all a deep sense of peace and love.

By now you must be starting to see that we’re not talking about some ‘airy fairy’ concept, but instead something real and tangible, and well within the boundaries of existing scientific understanding. Making healing energy something you can see and experience as real and attainable for you is my ultimate goal.

Think about it for a second. Just because our scientific instruments are not capable of measuring and quantifying human consciousness, such as thoughts, dreams, emotions, and feelings of love, does not mean we can’t experience them ourselves. It’s exactly the same with healing energy since it clearly falls into the same category.

We all know that our consciousness affects our physical body and that this can be felt. Healing energy is like the glue that holds all of these levels of our consciousness together and it’s this same glue that holds the universe together. The infinite universal energy of consciousness/electromagnetic plasma makes up this glue, and it’s an integral part of who we are as energy beings.

healing energy

This loving, creative, information source that emits life force, knowledge, light energy, and love is right there within us, waiting to be found by every soul on earth. The unconditional source shares this infinite, unconditional healing energy with us. When we connect with it we will feel an unmistakable sense of deep, deep peace and safety, like we have found home. Then we know we have connected with healing energy.

The universal energy fields of magnetism and gravity within which the entire universe is hung and balanced are connected by this same creative power. Nothing escapes its reach and yet the flow of this energy can be impeded. We do this unintentionally by our very nature, and yet the healing energy is never far from us. Similar to the sensor light that turns off automatically whenever we leave the room. The room may be full of truth and light, and the moment we choose to ignore or think otherwise, let our ego step in, listen to the lies of the world, or follow our base animalistic nature, we step out of the room, and the lights switch off.

I know this is a lot to take on board, but it will all fall into place as we move on with the practical method and its applications. We’ve done a lot of groundwork up to this point and the reason I’ve taken some time to give this much background information is that all these pieces will make the picture that much clearer, as more layers are added.

In chapter five I will talk about making a clear and strong connection with healing energy and a simple technique to achieving that.

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