In the last few sections, we’ve talked about getting ourselves into the ‘healing energy’ headspace, by taking a higher perspective, understanding energy exchange, tuning into and resonating with the healing energy itself.

Now we have the background information, it’s time to put these things together and make a real tangible connection.

Our body runs on electromagnetic energy. For example, our brain, heart and nervous systems are all electrical and magnetic in nature, which is why modern medicine uses so many electromagnetic devices and equipment, both in diagnosis and treatment. These include X-rays, CT scans, MRI, Ultrasound, Laser technology and many more.

We also sense, feel and receive energy from the world around us in this subtle yet silently powerful electromagnetic way.

Similarly, our emotions, thoughts and inner body impulses are often subconscious and outside of our immediate control. In-fact, they often influence and dictate our behaviour without our knowledge. These electromagnetic impulses (feelings) come at us from multiple sources in all directions.

It can be absolutely overwhelming, stressful and very confusing.  

This means, in order to make the connection with healing energy strong, we will need to take more conscious control of ourselves. This can produce a solid unbreakable connection. I will now explain how we can do this by using very a simple principle for connecting.

As always this comes down to a universal, scientific law.  



I call this the ‘switch’ principle, because the effect is similar to switching on a light bulb.

Let me explain. You will probably be familiar with the way a common electrical switch works to connect the electricity to a device and allow the energy to flow through a circuit. You could say that the supply of healing energy to our physical body works in a very similar manner.

For example when things are going well and we feel positive and everything is working out in our favour we tend to feel energised or switched on. A common practice in natural medicine or natural healing circles is called kinesiology. This is where A muscle is tested using various questions or substances. When tested, if the muscle goes weak or gets stronger during the test this indicates whether that substance is good or bad for the subject, or can indicate if the answer to a question is yes or no.

In other words a simple electrical switch is taking place within the person in response to suggestion or proximity to a certain substance or event. This is an inherent or instinctive switching response and can be very effective at guiding our decisions.

For example when you think about going on a holiday to a resort, your energy instantly increases as the electrical circuits on your body has switched on. But when you think about weeding the garden or cleaning the toilet, the electrical energy in your body decreases. That’s because it causes the switch to turn off.

Connecting to healing energy however is slightly different as it’s really got nothing to with your personal preference, but rather, a universal truth.

Consider this concept. When something is true, it is a fact, it is real, and it exists, but when something is false, it is a lie, it is not real, and therefore it does not exist.

One of the reasons why there are doubts about the concept of a nonexistent object is this: to be able to say truly of an object that it doesn’t exist, it seems that one has to presuppose that it exists. (1) For example, we have many fantastical ideas about flying horses, mermaids, dragons and mythical gods and demons. These have been dreamed up by mankind over the millennia, yet they have taken place in our cultures, society, and reality whether they actually exist or not. However, if you spent your entire life looking for a mermaid or flying horse then you would feel more and more disappointed as time goes on, and would eventually feel sad, disconnected and empty.

In other words, only when we understand, accept or believe something that is true and real is there a connection to the source of all truth, light, life and ultimately healing energy.


On the other hand, when we accept or believe something that is false, untrue or incorrect, it is not actually real, therefore it does not exist. That means there is no connection available to that source of all truth, light, life and ultimately healing energy. Just like a light switch turning off, there is a disconnect, energy can’t flow and we feel as sense of darkness, empty, sad, drained, depressed, and can get unwell.

A classic example of this is, as we go through life, we are fed a pile of lies and untruths, we are deceived, misled, and ultimately start to feel disconnected. Negative experiences, loss, grief, pain and stress affect us all, but it’s how we respond which is determined by what we have been taught and what we choose to believe to be true.

There are literally thousands of subtle false beliefs we may have and similarly thousands of truths we may be yet to understand. You could spend many lifetimes trying to sort through them all and ultimately you may never know for sure by simply relying on your mind.

Healing energy is a powerful tool to bring us clarity about what we believe, because healing energy can switch on and off just like the light bulb, and give us a clear indication of what is true and what is false. In Christianity for example they say, “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance” John 14:26 You could say in the same way that the ultimate healing energy is like the holy spirit, which teaches us all things. It switches on and we can feel it, only when we are thinking and believing that which is true. 

The only sure way to stay connected to the source of healing energy is with absolute unshakeable universal truths. This understanding is something that can overcome all obstacles in life and maintain a strong connection. 

The one absolute all encompassing universal truth, that is above all others is LOVE. In the same way that sunlight light contains millions of colours, and experts estimate that we can distinguish perhaps as many as 10 million colours (2), the healing energy may contain millions of truths. Love, just like white light, contains them all. When you are experiencing true unconditional love for another human being you are experiencing a pure connection to ultimate healing energy. That’s the highest universal law and contains all we need to heal our body, mind and spirit.



This is not merely a romantic love, or related to family or those close to us, but is a love, above and beyond all human limitations. As we talked about earlier, we must rise above our conditioning related to culture, language, religion, nation or anything that divides us a human beings, in order to truly connect with pure healing energy. 

We must understand that we are all spiritual beings living a temporary existence on this planet together. We are all struggling to come to terms with the limitations our physical bodies have, and the difficulties this physical existence comes with. We all stumble, falter and make mistakes and we are all worthy of compassion, understanding and forgiveness.

It is this universal view that generates an unconditional love for all humanity. This puts us in the highest place possible within ourselves, and opens the door to absolute truth and the highest of universal laws, the law of unconditional love.

There are many other absolute truths, and also many small deceptions we have possibly fallen for, and many thousands of possible points of disconnect, maybe millions, but we will talk more about some of these a little later.

The point of the ‘switch’ analogy is ultimately this.

When we believe something which is ‘absolutely true’, the switch goes on, a connection takes place, and healing energy begins to flow. Healing light enters the body, in the form of electromagnetic energy, our DNA is activated and remembers more of it’s its original informational pattern, or perhaps even, its more advanced pattern.

The Healing process is triggered!

The question now is, how do we actually channel this energy to heal ourselves?

We will talk about that next.

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