Unconditional Energy Healing – Part 6 – Connecting

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Our body actually runs on electromagnetic energy and it holds a charge just like a battery. For example, our brain, heart, and nervous systems are all electrical and magnetic in nature, which is why modern medicine uses so many electromagnetic devices and equipment, both in diagnosis and treatment. These include EEG and ECG scans for the brain and heart respectively,  X-rays, CT scans, Infrared thermography, MRI, Laser, Plasma technology, and many more. Even the energy in our food was originally captured EM plasma energy from the sun, which is eventually released within the cells of our body as the spark of metabolic life released when simple sugar (glucose) and fat (glycerol) is further split apart and combusted, triggering the synthesis of other energy transport molecules.

We also receive, sense, and feel energy from the world around us in a subtle, yet silently powerful electromagnetic way. Similarly, our emotions, thoughts, and inner body impulses which are largely subconscious and beyond our ability to control also represent EM energy. In fact, this energy often influences and dictates our behaviour without our knowledge. These EM impulses (feelings) come at us from multiple sources in all directions. Without experience and training, it can become overwhelming, stressful, and very confusing. The Autistic spectrum is a good example of this, but I think we’re all included in there somewhere.

This means, in order to make the connection with healing energy strong, we will need to take more conscious control of ourselves, our emotions, and our minds. This conscious control can produce a more reliable connection. I will now explain how we can do this by using very a simple principle for connecting. As always, this comes down to a universal, scientific law.  I call this the ‘switch’ principle because the effect is very similar to switching on a light bulb.

Let me explain. You will probably be familiar with the way a common electrical switch works to connect the electricity to a device and allow the energy to flow through a circuit. The flow of healing energy to our physical body works in a very similar manner.

For example, when things are going well and everything is working out in our favour, we feel positive, energised, and switched on. A classic example of this switch principle is found in a common practice in natural medicine or natural healing circles called kinesiology. This practice involves testing a muscle using various questions or substances. If the muscle goes weak when tested, or gets stronger during the test this indicates whether that substance is good or bad for the patient, or can indicate if the answer to a question is yes or no.

In other words, a simple electrical switch is taking place within the person in response to the suggestion of, or proximity to a certain substance or event. This is an inherent or instinctive switching response and can be very effective at guiding our decisions.

An everyday example of this is, when you think about going on a holiday to a resort, your energy can instantly increase as the electrical circuits in your body have switched on. But when you think about weeding the garden or cleaning the toilet, the electrical energy in your body may decrease. That’s because it causes the switch to turn off. This is your natural response to things you like or dislike, and you consciously choose to switch your energy on or off.

Connecting to healing energy, however, is slightly different because it’s really got nothing to with your personal preference, but rather, universal ‘truth or falsity’ are responsible for flipping the switch. Because these truths or deceptions may be beyond your knowledge or outside the scope of your conscious awareness they can exert powerful effects on you from behind the scenes in your subconscious.

Consider this concept. When something is true, it is a fact, it is real, and it exists, but when something is false, it is a lie, it is not real, and therefore it does not exist. Unfortunately, you can strongly hold onto a belief in things that don’t exist. Attitudes, opinions, and beliefs can all fall into this category. Believing in things that ‘are not real’ can have devastating circumstances, and can lead to, grief, loss, pain, suffering, disease, and tragedy. Our clever, manipulating, self-centred Ego is very good at facilitating this fabrication.

No amount of belief in something false can bring healing. It could bring temporary happiness, but that eventually, that happiness crashes into emptiness and deep despair. A bit like the false high and delusion created by a synthetic drug. Because the high was fake, the pending reality is a painful wake-up call, hence the morning after, hangover effect. This is an important concept to grasp when it comes to healing because even temporary ‘placebo’ healings can take place, but they simply don’t last. Real healing is a permanent step in health and progress with no rebound effect. You might ask, how can a belief be false?

One of the reasons why there are doubts about the concept of a non-existent object is, to be able to say truly of an object that it doesn’t exist, it seems that one has to presuppose that it exists. (1) Hence, the misleading saying “everybody has their own truth”.

For example, we have many fantastical ideas about flying horses, mermaids, dragons and mythical gods and demons. These have been dreamed up by mankind over the millennia, yet they have taken place in our cultures, society, and reality whether they actually exist or not. However, if you spent your entire life looking for a mermaid or flying horse then you would feel more and more disappointed as time goes on, and would eventually feel sad, isolated, empty, and lost. A lie can never lead to lasting happiness.

switch chart

It’s only when we understand, accept or believe something that is actually universally true, and real, that there can be a connection to the universal source of all truth, light, intelligence, and life, ultimately connecting us to that source, and allowing healing energy to flow.

On the other hand, when we accept or believe something that is false, untrue, or incorrect, it’s not a reality, therefore, it does not actually exist. This means there’s no energy connection available to that source of all truth, light, life, and unconditional healing energy. Just like a light switch turning off, there is a disconnect, and energy can’t flow. As a result, we feel a sense of darkness, and are left empty, sad, drained, or depressed, and can get unwell. We can only connect to healing energy when we have the truth.

As we go through life, we are fed a multitude of lies and untruths. We are deceived, misled, and ultimately start to feel disconnected. Many adults feed us false ideas when we are children. Peers can be unkind and convince us we are not good enough. The education system and even science can get things wrong. Negative experiences, loss, grief, pain, and stress affect us all, but how we respond is determined by what we have been taught and what we choose to believe to be true. If untrue ideas have been accepted into our world construct then our responses to life can lead us further and further into dark places.

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There are literally thousands of subtle false beliefs we may have taken on, and likewise, thousands of truths we may yet fully understand. I will share some of these shortly. You could spend many lifetimes trying to sort through them all and ultimately you may never know for sure, especially by relying on your logical mind. Using logic can also convince us to believe false and incorrect things. The Ego uses logic to convince us that we are better, or worse than other people. That’s why we mentioned earlier how important it is to drop your ego, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions. Good and evil are also man-made concepts to describe the difference between truth and lies. Evil is in fact, simply a belief in falsity, which leads to a disconnect from universal healing energy, resulting in emptiness and darkness and all that comes with it. The absolute universal truth emanates from a realm above all of these human constructs.

Healing energy is a powerful tool to bring us clarity about what we should believe because healing energy can switch on and off just like the light bulb, and give us a clear indication of what is absolutely true and what is false. In Christianity for example, they say, “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance” John 14:26. You could say in the same way that the unconditional healing energy is like this ‘holy spirit’ which teaches us all things. When we open up and listen to the truth, It switches on, and we can feel its presence within us as peace, love, and comfort, but only when we are thinking, accepting, and believing that which is true. Opposing negative, dark, heavy feelings, therefore, represent untruth.

The only sure way to stay connected to the source of healing energy is with absolute unshakeable universal truths. This understanding is something that can overcome virtually all obstacles in life and bring a secure, strong connection to healing power along with clear, reliable intuition. The more you become aware of what healing energy feels like, the more you will find clarity and guidance in your heart and mind. If you want the answer to any question in life, you can use this principle to find your answer. This is such a simple principle from which develops a powerful technique for connecting to healing energy.

healing disconnected infographic

healing connected infographic 

Good examples of a disconnect.

Example 1. I’m not good enough

Many of us go through experiences in life that cause us to feel we don’t measure up. We may fail a test, be unable to participate well in sport, or may not fit in with the group dynamic. We often develop a belief that we are unworthy, have little to offer, or that we are of no value. The most common belief around this is “I’m not good enough”. This is a classic example of a false belief and leaves us feeling disconnected and sometimes sad or depressed. The absolute truth is, you are highly valued, you are very precious, and you are one of the greatest creations in the universe, an eternal spirit being. This truth can dispel the old lie, and connect you to healing energy. You will know immediately when you accept it, by an increase in your energy within. Try thinking about this for a few minutes and see how it feels. “I am eternal”


Example 2.  Nobody loves me
This is probably the most common. We start off getting regular hugs from our mother as a baby and infant. We then head to school and encounter bullying, rejection, emotional abuse, and other isolating events. As young adults, we eventually find somebody we like, and perhaps fall in love with them. These early relationships often fall apart and heartbreak is inevitable. We yearn to be loved again like the baby in our mother’s arms, but it’s complicated as an adult. As relationship trials continue through life we can develop the belief “I’m unworthy of love”, which can make us feel very sad indeed. This couldn’t be further from the truth and is a complete switch-off. Sometimes we will hit rock bottom before we turn around and realise, “I must first learn to love myself before others can love me” and therefore “I am worthy of Love”. This moment is when many people connect with healing energy from above and have a realisation. “I’m either going to die sad, alone, and feeling sorry for myself, or I’m going to change my thinking, be positive and start working on myself and my own inner connection to this universal energy that I now feel.”  An epiphany has occurred, and the switch has been flipped on. Try thinking on this for a few minutes and see how it feels. “I am loved”

The one absolute all-encompassing universal truth that is above all others is ‘UNCONDITIONAL LOVE’. In the same way that sunlight light contains millions of colours, and experts estimate that we can distinguish perhaps as many as 10 million colours (2), unconditional healing energy contains millions of subtle truths. Pure love, just like white light, contains them all. When you are experiencing true unconditional love for another human being, you are experiencing a pure connection to unconditional healing energy and absolute truth. This type of LOVE, in all capital letters, represents the highest of universal laws and contains all we need to heal our body, mind, and spirit.

two hands holding

I’m speaking about a particular type of universal love.  This is not merely a romantic love, or the love for family, or those close to us, but is a love, above and beyond all human limitations. As we talked about earlier, we must rise above our conditioning related to culture, language, religion, nation or anything that divides us a human beings, in order to connect 100% with pure universal healing energy.

We must accept, and crystalize in our minds the fact that we are all spiritual beings living a temporary physical existence on this planet together. We are all struggling to come to terms with the limitations these clumsy physical bodies have, and the difficulties this physical existence comes with. We all stumble, falter, lose control and make mistakes, so we’re all worthy of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. This must consistently be our ‘higher perspective’.

It’s nurturing and developing this universal view until it becomes a permanent standpoint, that generates a pure unconditional love for all humanity. This puts us in the highest place possible within ourselves and opens the door to absolute truth, and the highest of universal laws, the law of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Another common falsity goes back to the very beginning. The world is not fair and does not return to us the energy that it should, or because we have given much the world owes us a favour. This leads us down a path of false expectations, entitlement, frustration, anger, misery, and doubts for the future. We continually expect things from the world, and the endless disappointments leave us in a state of constant fear. If things haven’t worked out in the past then they won’t work out in the future. That’s entirely false.

Things around us are the direct result of what we can manifest with the energy we channel. Remember the energy exchange from chapter two? There is not an equal return from the world, but rather energy transfer and an outer manifestation of our released energy. It never was our energy, and it never will be. We are simply the channel. If you create something, then great. If you love it, then let it go. Give it away and expect nothing in return. More energy will come from above from the infinite source, but it has no obligation to return to you from the physical world below. You can sell it for a dollar, but don’t expect any favours from the world. If you’re good at this connecting and channeling of energy, then things will have no choice but to manifest in the world around you. That’s entirely your responsibility.

We become co-creators in the universe and things manifest in the world around us, simply because we create these things with our released energy. That’s the real secret. We start to take control of ourselves and are not so controlled by our expectations of the world around us. Ultimately, we don’t get energy from the worlds around us, but we can gain an appreciation for the creator by observing the creation. When we look at the things that manifest in this world we can indirectly connect with the creator.

Consider this. When you observer a work of art, a fine piece of architecture or listen to a good piece of music you feel uplifted. It’s because you are affected by the effort and expertise that went into the creation. You are tuning in and connecting to the energy of the creators of those things. When you take in a beautiful sunset, or landscape vista, you may feel a connection to the intelligent universal creator. The fact that we resonate with this intelligence should remind us that we are also creators. We don’t get energy from the world, but rather we channel energy into this world.

We must always keep this in mind when looking to the world for happiness. Good things around us are the result of our own energy output and nothing else. All we can do is maintain an attitude of gratitude to the infinite supplier of energy from above, and more will come by default because it’s unconditional.

There are many other absolute truths, and also many small deceptions we have possibly fallen for, and many thousands of possible points of disconnect, maybe millions, but we will talk more about some more of these truths and falsities in coming chapters.

The point of the ‘switch’ analogy is ultimately this. When we believe something which is ‘absolutely true’, the switch goes on, a connection takes place, and healing energy begins to flow. Healing light enters the body, in the form of tangible electromagnetic energy, our DNA is better activated and remembers more of its original informational pattern, or perhaps even, its more advanced pattern. The Healing process is triggered!

You may have felt more of this healing energy as you have been reading these words. This is how you can know when something is true. The energy of peace and comfort will manifest within you in ever-increasing amounts.

The next question is, how do we actually channel this energy through our bodies to heal ourselves?

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