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Any organism is in a constant state of interacting with the environment and adapting to changes that are taking place around it. Your body is no different. It is constantly attempting to maintain balance and equilibrium. In the science of human physiology, this is called homeostasis and it’s the primary way that your body maintains health.

In other words, if your body was nourished and left to its own devices health would automatically be maintained without any effort, simply because it is natural. Look at the animal kingdom for example. You don’t see the animals queuing up to see the doctor, having heart attacks and suffering from the raft of health conditions humans do. Unless they are living with humans or starve in the wild, animals remain relatively healthy.

This is because animals simply allow nature to take it’s course, whereas humans disrupt an interfere with nature.

Health Should Be Effortless

Health is not something that we should have to force or use powerful drugs to achieve. It should be the natural peaceful state of your body. No pressure or effort should have to be applied, as your body will naturally spring back to the center point of that equilibrium that it is programed to maintain. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Why then do we get unhealthy or off balance?

The answer is contrary to what you might think. Usually, it’s because we have made a real concerted effort to push our body off balance. We put the wrong things in and we make mistakes. As human beings, we are often in contrast to nature as our modern chaotic world exemplifies. We develop attitudes, opinions, and behaviors that are contrary to our natural state of health. Every day we are exposed to substances that don’t belong in our body like chemicals, drugs, processed foods, pollutants and negative energy in one form or another.

If you look at nature you will see balance being maintained. Everything must remain in equilibrium. Even a storm or earthquake is natures way of restoring balance. Sometimes a short-term sickness occurs because our body is attempting to restore balance. For example, the common cold can be your body’s way of performing a cleanse.

A herbal detox program is the most powerful tool we can use to clear the way back to perfect health.

Let me explain.



Toxins Come In Many Forms.

Many things can be toxic, from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, exhaust fumes, pollutants, household chemicals, and artificially processed foods through to less commonly thought of toxins such as noise, low-grade media, negative emotions, and even thoughts. A toxin can be seen as anything that serves no beneficial purpose within you but instead actually interferes with healthy functions and disrupts internal communications.

Have you ever had interference with your radio, cell-phone or television signal? This is very similar to how a toxin affects your body internally, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Toxins create metabolic interference, disrupting the subtle chemical signals that maintain balance and health. Static, poor reception, bad sound, unclear picture and even a complete loss of signal can occur within you. Toxins interfere with the communication from your higher self and your intuition. Alcohol is a classic example of this.

Emotional toxins
In order to do an effective detox that brings profound changes in health and happiness, you will need to consider all types of toxins. Your body has to process everything it ingests and this includes physically, emotionally and mentally. Over the years you accumulate toxins not just within your body tissues but also within your nervous system’s memory. In other words, until you have released the memory of toxic thoughts or emotions they remain within you and continue to exert their effects.

Have you ever wondered why some days you just wake up feeling different to other days? Those unexplained feelings of stress, fatigue, frustration, anger, sadness or even despair. They can come from unprocessed thoughts, emotions, and memories and these are no different from any other toxin that needs to be released.

A detox program can encourage profound healing on all levels.

Detox smoothies

How A Detox Program Heals

By simply avoiding and abstaining from toxic substances your body can move into a state of balance. This happens because the natural function of detoxification can be completed fully. Under the stressful circumstances of a busy life, we ingest toxins from multiple sources on a continuous basis and our body never really get the opportunity to move into deep healing mode.

A detox program usually involves the following:

  • Avoiding meat, processed food, and other chemical additives
  • Consuming only pure fruit and vegetables for a period of time (10-14 days)
  • Taking a combination of herbs designed to support colon and liver function
  • Taking some time out for walks, baths, meditation and rest

Essentially this gives the body a break from the hard work of digestion, speeds elimination and provides extra nourishment simultaneously. Most people lose a few pounds and feel light and clear. An added bonus can be emotional peace and mental clarity.

When your body and mind get a break like this the healing process is triggered and incredible results can be achieved.

In the video below I explain what is involved in a thorough herbal detox program. See this program here

Mind Over Matter

Cellular communication is something a proper detox should address. The first step in any holistic healing process is a change in attitude. The resulting shift in the body’s energy field can literally allow physical healing to take place. Fear, worry, anger and frustration can make you sick, as opposed to faith, courage, love, and peace, which empower you and evoke healing.

In order for a change to take place in any organ, gland or tissue one must first make a shift in one’s energy field (the field of spirit and thought), which constructs and animates the body. This will affect the physical functions right down to the cellular level. The phrase mind over matter applies more than ever when it comes to health.

Mind Power

Placebo Effect
Physician ‘Here Beecher’ combined the data from the placebo groups of 15 studies on different maladies including pain, seasickness, cough, and anxiety, and calculated that on average, placebos led to a 35% improvement in symptoms – leading him to argue that the placebo effect was powerful and worthy of study. His research sparked great interest in the placebo effect’s potential power to heal.

There are now over 5,000 research articles in the PubMed database that make specific reference to the placebo effect, which includes demonstrations of placebo effects for pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, immunosuppression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and even Parkinson’s disease, to name a few. (1)

One study demonstrates that people suffering from IBS exhibited improvements following administration of placebo treatment alone. This exemplifies how genetics can modify the response to a placebo. (2)

Since ancient times human civilizations have made use of various natural resources to restore health. It is only in recent years that we have focused on unraveling the underlying mechanism in the light of molecular genetics and biochemistry. Whether acting through the material, temporal, energetic, or spatial dimensions, it has been proposed that revered ancient natural healing techniques operate, at least in part, through molecular regulation, specifically, epigenetic modification, to achieve their healing function. (2)

Herbal Medicine
Of 200 government-approved Traditional Chinese herbs, approximately 99% functioned on an epigenetic level. (2)

Some studies suggest that this role of consistent meditation in influencing the integrated mind-body envelope or in triggering biological effects involves changes at the epigenetic level. (2)

The following fascinating discovery gives us an insight into exactly how powerful, improving internal cellular communications can be.
Quote: “Genes (DNA) do not control our biology. Instead, DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.” (3)

By including meditation, prayer or spiritual practice in our health plan we are dealing with ourselves holistically. There are three pillars of mind-body medicine.

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit

One does not operate apart from the other, rather communication and harmony must exist for health to flourish.

Epigenetics conclude that whatever we put into our body on any level will ultimately affect the expression of our genetic material. Can you imagine the impact of gradual environmental poisoning, ingested toxins, and stress, and compare that to healing, detoxifying and nourishing yourself with pure food and herbs. The power of herbal detox combined with other healing methods could potentially heal us on many levels.



Empowering Process

Considering the power of your mind and its healing potential adds another layer to the power of cleansing. Not only is your body given the space to find balance and peace within itself on a physical and chemical level but your mind is also given a powerful tool, ‘commitment and belief’. By embarking on a journey of self-nourishment, cleansing and self-improvement you trigger deep positive thought processes. The power of this combination cannot be underestimated.

With space and time devoted to detox, you can clear toxins from your system. It is well worth making the commitment to doing a proper detox program. The Ultimate Herbal DETOX program removes the build-up of physical toxins from your body. This is a great way to trigger the release of negative emotions and conquer cravings and addictions.

During this herbal detox, you flush out your intestine of any build up. This is done while eating a diet of pure foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of fluids. The result is an increase in energy and a feeling of being light, clear and fresh. It is a great opportunity to become aware of the emotional connection with food and transform this into an emotional connection with your inner-self.

During the detox, you commit to a change in eating habits for 14 or 30 days. This change causes a shift in emotional eating habits and encourages a deeper connection with nature. Instead of using food to bury our negative emotions we actually use food to support positive emotions. Please consider how you feel before and when you eat food and how this affects you emotionally. Moving pounds of build up from your body can leave you feeling elated and change your attitude towards foods. This dietary exercise is one of the greatest benefits and is a highlight of our Herbal DETOX program.

Some of the other toxins such as noise and media can be deliberately avoided but how do we avoid negative emotions and toxic thoughts? The power of free-will and the right of choice come into play here. Turn the other cheek and walk away; choose to think or react differently. You will feel emotionally and mentally stronger during the detox and you may like to take some time to yourself and continue your meditations. Choosing time out from noise, negative media and sometimes other people altogether can be of huge benefit during this detox process.

Following the Herbal DETOX program with our Ultimate Herbal SLIM program is a good idea as this keeps your process going for another 2 months and provides you with a balanced diet plan as well as continued transformational ideas. Becoming all you can be by connecting to your power within is the focus of both the DETOX and SLIM programs.

Everyone has heard the saying “You are what you eat”. Actually the statement could more accurately read “You are what you absorb” and this you can choose. Removing toxicity from your life is a choice, and now is your time to take control.

I hope this has been helpful.

Brett Elliott ®

You can start your body cleansing journey by clicking here to get the Herbal DETOX Program

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Brett Elliott Ultimate Herbal Detox Program

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