We just want to say a big thank you for the results we have now obtained from your Herbal DeTox programme. Because my wife has pretty severe rheumatoid arthritis, we figured a good detox may be worthwhile for her because of 15 years of pretty severe medications. I decided to accompany her on the journey after watching your video on the website.
Now almost completed, my wife remains off her RH medications and has not had any sign of inflammation return to her body. Regular blood tests have confirmed this. We have both lost weight ( 6kg and myself 9kg) and I notice my skin is much better ( used to get itchy patches on my legs) and we both have more energy to boot! Have enjoyed the meals and have not once craved for meat of any kind.
We have just purchased the Slim Programme to keep going on our journey to better health.
Many thanks for your dedication to answering our questions over the last 3 weeks!

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