What a victory for my self-esteem


“ I did my second detox after the New Year’s holiday and completed my 10-day cleanse 2 days before I went in for some knee surgery. I lost 10lbs on this cleanse and I was afraid I would gain it all back after being immobile for 3 weeks while recovering. However, because of my diet changes from the cleanse and because of the low-grade pain in my knee, I had no desire to eat heavy foods. I basically continued eating mostly fruits, vegetables, yogurt with a little starch and very little meat. It kept me very satisfied and to my surprise, when I was able to stand on the scale 3 weeks after surgery, I had lost 2 more pounds whereas I fully expected to gain weight lying in bed most of the day.

Now that I’ve returned to work and my energy level has increased, so has my appetite. Yet, I’ve still been able to maintain my post-cleanse weight and many people have commented on my noticeable weight loss and how good I look. I’m able to fit clothes I haven’t worn for over a year but didn’t throw them away because I “knew” I could fit them again. What a victory for my self-esteem and commitment to continue my healthier eating habits. “

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