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The Holistic Way to Improve Your Blood Pressure levels Has your doctor advised you that you need to lower your Blood pressure? In this book, Brett will share some background to understanding blood pressure in simple terms. Brett will also be sharing the Ultimate dietary and herbal approach to solving the blood pressure puzzle. Find out about the completely natural protocol for maintaining healthy blood pressure. Discover the power of simple Foods & Herbs. Brett Elliott (Author of “Cleansed & Cured”) has created one of the world’s best Blood Pressure programs that you can do at home. Contents include:
  • Understanding Blood Pressure
  • The common causes of High Blood Pressure
  • Standard treatments for Blood Pressure
  • How To Lower Blood Pressure
  • The Ultimate Herbal HeartClenz Blood Pressure Program

Reviews and Feedback

Blood pressure and Cholesterol

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I have lost 42lbs on this detox and slim and am back to the body shape I had at 16!! similarly for blood pressure and heart beat! and a reducing Cholesterol count to boot!! so blessings on you all for your passion in getting these products developed and out into the community.

Sue and I are monitoring our progress and will hand you a full report at the end of our first 12 months.

Blessings and regards to you both.



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