The Holistic Way to Improve Your Cholesterol levels Has your doctor advised you that you need to lower cholesterol? In this book, Brett will share some background to understanding cholesterol in simple terms. Brett will also be sharing the Ultimate dietary and herbal approach to solving the cholesterol puzzle. Find out about the completely natural protocol for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Discover the power of simple Foods & Herbs. Brett Elliott (Author of “Cleansed & Cured”) has created one of the world’s best Cholesterol programs that you can do at home. Contents include:
  • Understanding Cholesterol
  • How To Lower The Cholesterol Ratio
  • The Seven Cholesterol-Lowering Steps
  • Specific Foods and Herbs
  • The Ultimate Herbal Cholesterol Program

Ultimate herbal cholesterol program

Learn How To Use Food, Medicinal Herbs


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The Ultimate Herbal 6-Week Combo Program