This eBook gives you the full breakdown of Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal BodiTune DETOX ‘n SLIM program. Available in sachets or a pot. It contains 13 great smoothie recipes!

This program is possibly the easiest option of detoxing if you have a busy life. With 40 different herbs and natural ingredients including vegetable protein, this resource will show you how to do the Herbal DETOX n SLIM Program.

It explains:

  • How to do the BodiTune program;
  • The three different ways the BodiTune program can be taken – Rapid, Steady or Maintenance;
  • ​Explains how many sachets per plan for the greatest impact (a scoop equals one sachet);
  • Contains 13 smoothie recipes (so you don’t have to take it the same way every day of the program);
  • Tips and Ideas for managing your weight; and
  • The best food to eat during this program.