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In this free eBook, I discuss some natural ways to build immune strength by highlighting how detoxing helps, plus some foods and herbs you can use at home. Along with any Virus outbreak comes a new awareness of just how important a strong immune system is. A strong immune system is your best defence against any Virus along with protection from a variety of other pathogens, and bacteria. With new viruses sweeping the world on a regular basis, and with superbugs and drug-resistant bacteria becoming ever more present in our hospitals, it’s no wonder that we panic when lethal new strains are discovered. This means we can’t necessarily rely on antibiotics and vaccines to protect us in the future. Ultimately our best defence will be a strong, healthy body, and a powerful, responsive immune system. It is well known that a good immune response prevents severe complications with any viral infection. Not only is this common sense, but it’s good medicine, and we appear to be missing this kind of thinking in the modern health system at the moment. That’s why you will find natural health practitioners around the country are rallying to get the message out there and to be recognized as part of the primary/preventative health system. Highly trained Medical Herbalists and Naturopaths were even relegated to “non-essential” health services during the recent crisis, which is shameful. It just shows how far behind we are when it comes to our respect for traditional medicines and their impact on our public health status. You will find at the end of this book many excerpts from some recently published articles from scientific journals on the subject.

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