The Ultimate 7-Day ‘Green Power Detox’ – User Guide and Instant FlipBook

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In early 2020, I tested the program with a 100% green-food diet and the results were amazing. Most noticeable was the increased energy, clarity, and a sense of deep inner peace along with an almost spiritual sense of light energy within my body. This does all happen normally with the herbal detox program, but this time it was more profound than ever. I put that down to the green foods and the high chlorophyll content. Read more about this here. The program simply involves a very high dose of the herbs and a clear focus on your food for 1 week. It’s not as hard as it sounds, once you get started. In this user guide, you will see the foods and the herbal program I suggest for the Ultimate 7-Day Green Power Detox.

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7-Day green detox user guide

A day-by-day meal guide for the Ultimate Power Detox 


User Guide &
Recipe Book

The Ultimate Herbal 6-Week Combo Program