Hi There, I’m Brett Elliott, Medical Herbalist and in this book, I will outline the classic types, symptoms, and causes of candida. As far as parasites go, Candida is one of those silent invasive parasites that are very hard to detect. It’s not something you can request in a standard blood test, and symptoms can be subtle, making candida difficult for your doctor to diagnose. Normally it is kept under control by our natural micro-organisms and a healthy immune system, but when we are down in energy or our gut is compromised Candida can cause real problems. What many of us don’t realize is that it can be quietly chewing away at us inside, causing fatigue and insatiable cravings, draining our energy, and eventually infiltrating our entire body. It can even be fatal. The good news is, with a little knowledge and effort you can conquer this annoying problem and win. Following this, we will discuss natural, herbal, and dietary treatments. Contents Include:
  • Types of Candida
  • How Candida Infects the Body
  • Natural Treatment for Candida
  • The Ultimate Herbal Candida Program

Ultimate herbal candida program

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