A great way to break your bad habits


It keeps the hunger at bay. Your literature has helped me to better understand the benefits of eating whole foods and eliminating the processed foods which slow down your bodies ability to absorb goodness and slows down the ability to eliminate waste. I have managed to lose over 10 kgs to date and am on track to reach my goal of losing 30 kgs. I have increased the amount of water I drink each day which helps to eliminate the occasional hunger pangs I get between meals. I have cut out all of the “crap” food – sugars, muffins and other nasties. Snacking on dried fruit and nuts when I need to. I have reduced my meal size, particularly the meat portion as well. I have a real focus now on what I need to do and what I should and should not eat. It makes the process of losing weight so much easier when you better understand better , the impacts of bad eating habits on your body.

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