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Brett Elliotts Herbal Detox is the most beautiful combination of gentle and cleansing herbs on the market. I have done the Ultimate Herbal 10 day detox twice now and would recommend it to everyone. It is an amazing experience to be able to cleanse in this way and to have your body so supported and nurtured while doing so. I was having trouble with skin rashes and intolerances with chemicals (laundry powders, soaps etc) on my skin which i initially thought was all relating to products i used. I have learnt that I needed to cleanse the inside first and change my diet as an ongoing lifestyle change to enable my body to be able cleanse internally.These detox herbs are so wonderful, i never want to stop taking them and I am using the Detox Shakes to continue on with. There is nothing that isn’t great about these products, i have absolute confidence in them and know that my body is being supported while cleansing. Just awesome.

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