Best Detox I have come across


Since I became interested in natural healing, I have tried different forms of detoxing my body. I help run Health
Retreats for people and I wanted to find the best possible way to support their healing both emotionally and
physically. I realise the importance of treating the whole person and how interconnected the mind and the body
are. So I continued my quest to find the best possible DETOX I could.

Prior to shifting my focus to natural ways of healing I was a high user of pharmaceutical drugs and had also had
four different surgical operations so had an accumulation of chemicals resulting from anaesthetics in my body. I
had had problems with my liver (fatty liver syndrome) which had improved by using a homeopathic DETOX
but I still lacked energy. I experimented with fasting including water fasting and juice fasting. Changing to a
vegetarian diet was also a great move giving me more energy than before, however, I still was low in energy
over all.

I did Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal DETOX about 8 months ago and a bio-feedback test afterwards showed that
I was still releasing chemicals from my body. Once I had completed Brett’s DETOX I felt a lot clearer but my
body was still letting go of a build up of old stuff which was still healing in process, and was physically hard
going. I was pleased that Brett’s DETOX was shifting these toxins from my body at last and I knew that I
needed to take care of helping my body let go of more, both physically and emotionally.

I had been medication free for a few years before the DETOX, so it was quite surprising that there was still so
much build up even though I had done other different forms of detoxing. I decided to do Brett’s DETOX again
four months after the first one and found it much easier and more enjoyable this time. Since then, I have had a
massive increase in energy. I have started yoga again and been practicing three times a week now for almost
six months – and loving it how my body is freeing up and getting so much stronger and flexible. I am enjoying
getting fitter and feeling healthier and better about myself overall. I plan to continue doing Brett Elliot’s
Ultimate Herbal DETOX each year. This DETOX is by far the best DETOX I have ever come across. I highly
recommend it if you want to feel more alive, energetic and appreciative of your body in how it serves your

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