Eating less now


Having everything in one pack was great, all the information was very clear and easy to understand. The menu examples were a great help. My husband and I did the detox together and did a four day prep before starting to take the capsules. During the prep days I did feel hungry but once we started taking the capsules and making smoothies and juices the hunger went away. We got creative with veggies and were pleasantly surprised at how delicious a plate of veggies could be with a mix of spices. We are not big meat eaters anyway so cutting out meat wasn’t that big a deal for us. I didn’t think I was so dependant on bread and cheese so again the first few days without it were hard. We drank plenty of water and herbal teas and since finishing the detox I haven’t really returned to drinking tea or coffee much at all, in fact I think in the past couple of weeks I’ve only had 2-3 cups in total. The mucoid plaque thing started happening and we were going very regularly!! I had the odd times of bloating but nothing unbearable. Overall I feel really good after the detox. My hair and skin feels lovely. I am waking up in the morning now with more energy, instead of having the first thought pop into my head of I can’t wait to get back into bed to sleep. A few days after the detox we went to a function where I must admit I over indulged in rich food and wine, it made me feel very sluggish in the days following. I am definitely eating less now and holding back from stodgy carbs and processed foods.

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