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Excellent herbal Detox product with easy to use instructions – we both achieved great results and have loads more energy! We did the 14 Day Herbal Detox combined with the Detox’n Slim Drink – 2 sachets daily for 60 days. We still have 3 weeks to go on the drinks and are both still losing inches and weight. Product comes in a nice recyclable box with helpful booklet with recipes and healthy food plans. Drink is very palatable when mixed with a combination of juice/milk, unsweetended pourable yoghurt, and fruit.
Other Comments:
We would highly recommend this product to others…one work colleague has already purchased the product for her and her husband. Another is looking into it. Five stars ***** rating++ Fast results, very pleased, and will purchase again. “Many thanks” to Brett for producing such an awesome product and getting us back on track!

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