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I loved doing the detox. I felt like I needed to do it for a very long time. I waited for my partner to go away on business to do the detox because I thought it would be easier when I was on my own. I was ready for it! It was so much easier than I expected. I am a huge meat eater and am one of those people who get cranky if I don’t eat when I need to. Therefore, I was worried I would have low energy and crave food I couldn’t eat. This was so far from the truth. I had higher energy and loved the food I was eating. I got really creative with the meals. By the 5th day I already noticed a difference in how soft and healthy my hair and skin were. I just felt great during the whole process. I have now switched to choosing healthier options in my eating since the detox. My partner even loves some of my new veggie dishes! We’re getting married next year and I plan on doing the detox a month or so before the wedding. I think I’ve convinced my partner to do it with me next time!

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