I am eliminating properly at last – Katharine


Thanks Brett.

I was suffering from chronic sluggishness and pain in my left side (bowel), I hadn’t had a proper movement for about a week so you can imagine how I was feeling. I went into the DETOX quite quickly as I was desperate for relief, and although I started only taking 2, then 3 capsules I was on the full 5 by the 3rd day. Initially I felt nauseous and headachy but I forged on and bowel movements (loose) resumed thank God! I am feeling so much clearer in my head and more energetic/well.

I have been eliminating really properly – finally – I think it was the porridge and bulk (rice) and perhaps the oranges (which are so lovely at this time of year) that especially helped afterwards. And I have told people where I bought your product about how responsive and helpful you have been.

I now feel that my body is coming right on its own.

Kind regards,


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