I am thrilled with my new sense of well-being – Erwin


I have recently completed The Ultimate DETOX. During the DETOX the chronic tiredness I had been suffering from for virtually all my life seemed to worsen while my body was de-DETOXifying, but then a turning point came from where things definitely starting to improve. On the package it says that emotional issues may also be addressed when going through the program. I found this to be true, as times of emotional upset surfaced and quickly resolved, both while awake and in dreams. I am thrilled at my new-found state of ease, well-being and contentment. My body looks and feels so different, a much better place to live in. Also the food I eat now tastes so much better. Now, a week after the DETOX I still keep noticing on-going changes for the better. Many thanks for making this wonderful product available. Erwin

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