I don’t have a bloated stomach any more – Karl


It’s good, it works, it’s real. I suffer from bloating of the stomach no longer. I have always has a problem with digesting protein, which meant I had a large build up of intestinal plaque so I did 4 x 10 day DETOX’s in a row. I was skeptical about it so I examined what came out the other end, was it truly

Yes it was, because 5 days into the fourth DETOX no more impactions came out….it was proof. I also discovered that I have a wheat addiction so have decided to completely avoid wheat. Also I have trouble taking herbs as I am highly allergic and there were many herbs in this DETOX that I would
usually not be able to take. But the combination of them all together somehow made it possible for me to
take it without getting sick.

Well done Brett, good product,


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