I was surprised by the results of our group


We did the Detox as a work team. Everyone except one person in our team has completed the detox and the lady who didn’t do it only missed out because she had a fall and an ankle injury and was forced to stay home on recovery and be looked after by her husband and she didn’t think he could cope with making the meal plan for her. I was surprised by the results. We had a couple of people who were on their 2nd detox and they all did brilliantly and were really happy with the results – mainly getting back in tune with your own body’s signals, breaking food addictions and cravings and feeling a lot lighter internally. Some of the group who were doing it for the first time struggled a bit as two of the men just couldn’t imagine options other than meat and pasta and chose to almost starve themselves through the detox but we all brought in things we were eating and shared and once they found other things they liked they were away and feeling a lot happier. Since the detox finished I’ve had 3 of our team come back to me and say they will definitely do another one. Our lady who missed out is going to hold out until our next detox and join the group then. It’s a lot easier having the encouragement and the sharing of food ideas and how people are feeling as they’re going through it when you’ve got lots of people around you having a go at the same thing. Best regards, Leigh

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