It does make a difference but takes some dedication…


I did the 14 day Ultimate Detox. The program took just over 2 weeks to complete, by the time I had initiated the diet and eliminated all the carbs and proteins. I thought taking 40 capsules a day would be impossible but it was quite easy – got to the stage of swallowing 5 at a time! I felt great by day 4 on the capsules, and started to noticeably lose weight – I dropped 7kgs in 2 weeks, and a month later have kept it off. I found the (lack of) food really difficult, however have since made some long term changes to my diet. Have said good bye to bread, potatoes and sugar which were regulars in my diet in the past. Had a great energy boost in the middle of the detox but actually felt dreadful for the last 4 days of it!
Other Comments:
Mixed feelings about the detox – the first 2/3rds of it I felt amazing, the last 4 days on the capsules, then 3 days after the capsules were completed I felt absolutely terrible with severe constipation. I didn’t experience the colon clean out that I expected and did not pass any plaque at any time. However the greatest benefit for me was losing 7kgs in the two weeks I was on the detox, and a month after completing it, I have kept the weight off (the detox was part of my goal to lose 15kgs in total at the recommendation of my doctor). I have also stopped eating a lot of gluten containing products and potatoes as well as being much more aware of my diet in general. I have also cut all added sugar from my diet. So there have been some real positives as a result of doing the detox and I see the benefits of doing it perhaps twice a year. However sticking to the fairly strict super vegan (as I referred to it) diet was really a struggle, as well as not drinking any alcohol for the two week period. But ultimately I felt it did me good, and lots of my work mates and friends commented in the 2nd week of the detox how amazingly clean my skin looked and how shiny my eyes were. I have recommended the detox, I would do it again.

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