I’ve never felt better!!


What’s not like about this detox programme, its easy to follow and simple. I had seen a Naturopath several times, with on-going IBS issues, bloating, constipation etc etc, they advised me I needed a detox to rid the bad bacteria from my gut. They kindly advised me the detox would be $600 through the naturopath, leaving horrified at the price I went to Hardys Health Store who put me onto Brett’s detox. I couldn’t wait to get started, and its honestly been the best thing I’ve ever done. Its been 3 weeks since I completed the detox, and haven’t had any of my bad symptoms return, I finally have a flat stomach after living with a bloated gut for years, I feel great! I can work a full day with high energy and don’t get tired and loose concentration around 2pm like I use too. I lost 3kgs over the 10days, which was quite a bit for me, my starting weight was 65kg, I wasn’t doing it for the weight loss but I feel so much better for it. I can go to the loo regularly now, I now know what foods my gut doesn’t like too much of and my mindset on what foods I eat has changed for the best. Also noticed that my eyes aren’t bloodshot anymore, they are nice and white 🙂 I would and have recommended this product to anyone who needs a change! 🙂

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