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Hi There,

Here is my testimonial.

I am 60 years old and over the past 5 years I have noticed an increase of 10ks gradually creep up on me, what disheartened me was that no matter what I did I wasn’t able to budge the weight, I put this down to menopause, old age, slowing down. But I also didn’t want to accept it and I began to feel disappointed in my self, I wished my clothes would fit as good as they used to and I began to look at bigger sizes, and more lose fitting garments.

I also became concerned regarding my eating because to me I felt that I was almost eating nothing even my partner would comment on the small portions that I had, and still the weight stayed.

Just before Christmas 2009 I went to the shopping mall and looked through the Health shop products, I saw the shakes but felt no inclination to live on them and then I spied Brett’s book, it had a small sign above it saying “please give these out it really works,” so I took one and went and got a coffee and read through it, something clicked for me, I think it was connected with the idea of eating whole good food and through doing this I would lose weight, I mean it makes sense doesn’t it?

So I went that day and brought the herbal slim kit, I didn’t start it until the 1st of January 2010 on that day I weighted 70kg and 3 months later I am 64kg, the biggest changes I have made apart from taking the herbs is to cook with olive oil and to not eat any gluten, I notice that if I eat out or I have been on holiday and my weight goes up it then comes back quickly, as I resume my routine of herbs and healthy diet I like to weigh my self regularly so that I can keep an eye on how I am doing,

Some tips that have helped me is to add LSA to my diet, and I mostly stick to having fresh fruit and yoghurt for breakfast I cut the fruit up the night before and that makes it more easy for me in the morning

At night time I throw some extra vegis in a pot and boil up some soup that then is easy for me to take to work for lunch with rice crackers, I keep my food simple and make more effort in the weekends.

It’s been a great thrill to have work colleges and husband notice my loss in weight and now 1 other person at work is on the slim kit, it really is so easy, thank you for your product it is healthy, natural and good, like you said it” really does work”



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