I’m 43 years old and 4 months ago was feeling over weight and bloated. I’m also at that age that you start to realise its what you eat and how much that is going to ensure you can live until your kids are 40 years and not die as my father did when i was 28 years old. The last 4 months has been a fantastic journey that was started with reading and understanding the importance of what Brett has been coaching for years. Only now am i starting to understanding the importance of eating vegetables, fish and staying away from carbs and to much meat. I was 93 kgs 4 months ago and this week have hit 87kgs. To many people, 6kgs is probably not a lot however my focus is not on dropping kgs but more on modify my life balance so i eat what is right and and will give me good energy and sleep. The number one benefit of using the the Ultimate Herbal Silm in my option is you feel it in action. The bloatedness goes away and you lose the craving to eat and snack. Once you feel the inner change, its very powerful and all of a sudden, my mind starts get it and it becomes a habit forming process. I know focus on paleo cereal (and fruit) for breakfast which gives me long lasting energy, salad based lunches (small) and no crabs for dinner. We have moved the family from meat during the week to a fish delivery service to our home, along with fresh vegetables from our very garden. During the journey, a good friend of mine has managed to lose 13kgs due to purchasing a set of scales and tracking his weight and changing his diet. He actually looks 10 years younger! As i was already on the journey of making a heath change. To me, its been tracking what i eat daily, how eating well, what the effects are compared to eating bad. its has been fascinating how different foods effect your weight and mood. To summarise – this shit ain’t rocket science – its actually quite easy – first step – just listen to some of Brett’s videos and understand the science and make the first step and you’ll feel the difference. Only tip i have to keep on reminding myself is, its a journey and a life change, not a diet! My challenge to you all – lets see if we can live 20 years older then our parents did! Well, that my challenge to myself…


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