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3 years ago I made the decision to loose all my pregnancy weight…I was tired of being overweight and my daughter was heading for 4 years old I didn’t want to get any bigger weighing in at 115 kg I started to cycle I managed to get my weight down with cycling and gradual diet changes to 95 kg but could not get lower no matter how long or how far I cycled so I did research and realised i had to cleanse my system restart my metabolism and that’s when I came across Bretts Ultimate Herbal Detox….the first time I did it I made it to 4 days without cheating and lost 4 kg then next time I did it 6 months later I lost another 5 kg and managed to make it to 7 days without cheating. I took a break and slowly my diet went back to what it was and I went up 95 kg in a 9 month period well I decided last year I was going to do it again and I did I ran the whole time while doing the Detox in fact I had more energy and found I was able to run further I did 2 kits in a row and I did a Herbal Slim pack I dropped 11cm around my waist and 10 kg! This was in December it has been 6 months and weight is still off I recently did another kit lost 2 kg now doing the Herbal Slim kit to get rid of the rest, love love it! It moves excess weight like no other product I am a big believer and have recommended it to my friends. My partner did one kit recently, due to a health exam showing he had elevated liver enzymes doctors were concerned, well after his last Herbal Detox no problems at all with his liver AND his acne he has had all his life now at the age of 40 has cleared up!!! He is ecstatic! And just wants to stick to the diet for forever……thank you for this great product I will continue to use it every 6 months no matter how much I weigh for the rest of my life you definitely have a life time customer and that’s me! Stomach issues gone, more energy, clear skin, post nasal drip goes away, breath smells good all day, no chocolate craving, no sweet cravings, no carbohydrate cravings…just some of the differences I notice after a cleanse

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