My dark cloud has lifted. I feel so in touch with God – Tracey


I just wanted to let you know how things are going. Firstly, I want to give you a little background so you can fully appreciate my thanks. I have experienced anxiety and binge eating on and off since my childhood. Recently, it has been a fierce force in my life and I have been in a battle with it intensely for the last 6 months. At night when alone, I turn to high sugar/fat processed sweets and eat until I am in pain, physically and spiritually. And you can imagine how hard it was to then have to go to work with the guilt and thousands of calories of toxic sugar coursing through my body. I began attending a 12 step program to renew and strengthen my relationship with God and help me with my compulsion, as well as speak to my GP about my condition. He took bloods and recommended a clean diet. I’ve been on so many bloody diets that I was not going to do that. I wanted to invest. To commit. To promise. So I invested in your product. I did not do the initial stage of eliminating foods from my diet (I’m compulsive, remember!), I just jumped in with 10 days of 4 protein sachets a day, and raw fruit/veggie and dairy. Today is day 10. My dark cloud has lifted. I feel so in touch with God, with my body’s needs (I actually recognise and acknowledge hunger/satiety), and do not feel anxiety around food or eating. 10 days of complete peace around food. Plus, I feel nourished by the purity of your product, and the goodness and truth in your literature. So! I’m going to keep going for a while because I feel so great! I have just bought three more packs – thank you for the fast delivery! My doctor weighed me at the start, but I do not want to weigh myself because this is not about weight. It is about feeding my body and soul the best because I deserve to let this light keen shining! Thank you 🙂 Tracey

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