My lower stomach pain has gone after years of trying to find an answer – Olivia


“Before a therapist at the Como Shambhala in Bali recommended the Ultimate Herbal DETOX I ran to several doctors who could not help me with my problems. Over the years I had difficulties with my digestion and my lower stomach was aching, when I had to go to the toilet. One of the doctors here in Germany even told me to stop eating yoghurt and raw vegetables!

When I finally ordered the Ultimate Herbal DETOX and followed the 10 day program this spring I felt so good an light and the pain was gone completely. Plus I was so happy that I even SHOULD eat yoghurt and vegetables! First I was a little doubtful, if my body will get some side effects of the Cleanse. But there were none, I just felt healthy and wonderful already during the first days of the Cleanse. I can highly recommend this product to anybody, who wants to do something good for their digestion and future health!” Olivia Schuff, Munich

Testimonial Kindly supplied by Healing Vibes

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