My second detox


feel that I really got a proper detox. My body feels lighter and fresher and I did have a lot of energy the whole way through. Towards the end ( last day) I started getting really hungry and my body was craving some more heavy food, wanted protein and starch. so I did not succeed an having a slow buildup of food again, but didn’t have any problems. Oatmeal porrige for brakefast, scramled eggs fro lunch and fish for dinner. I do take a good probiotic every day, and my body feels really good. I will take a cleanse every year, as I can feel that the one I took last year really have been of benefit this whole year. Less pain in my joints, less problems with my stomach, less bloating and food intolerances, more clear in my head, skin feels good and looks good. I am very happy for this product. Thank you .Highly recomended.

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