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I wish to share a long story with you, but I will try and write it in considerable brevity. In 1998 and at 40 I was a NZ Masters Games Champion, winning 4 Golds & 1 Silver in rowing events. In 2000 the electrician working on our house, also a personal friend, phoned up my wife at work to complain that I was crawling around on the floor making noises. I had the energy to get up for 1/2 hour a day, the rest of the time I was in a netherworld. My face would burn and peel every 3 to 10 days. I had M.E. or CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). Western Medicine had no answer for it. …well, a suggestion of B12 injections I did not consider an answer.

I studied a lot about it to realise I knew more than the doctors. The professional that I attribute to saving my life was a Chinese Herbal Medicine Doctor here in Dunedin. The impact of the herbal medicine was dramatic, within 12 hours I was moving from “dark days of the soul” toward being at what I estimated to be 80% mental & physical capacities after 5 years. Yes! It still took 5 years to get that far. Indeed after 5 years a person I met who was still only at 40% capacities after 10 years told me they did not believe that I had had M.E. Anyway, to me, still being at 80% is still only 80%. Could I be better? I thought that could be an impossible dream. One aspect of the Chinese treatment was detoxing. I had learnt about the dross that collects in our bowels from another alternative health practitioner some years ago. One day last year I picked up a catalogue lying around the house and declared that, “I am going to do this DETOX”.

I wanted to “see” what the DETOX was doing to me so I employed a Tanita InnerScan Body Composition Monitor Scale to track the effects of the DETOX on my body. After all, if I was carrying kilograms of “bog” in my bowels I was interested to know just how much. On November the 4th 2006 my stats were as follows:

Weight 93.0 kg
Bodyfat 24.6% (not that healthy)
Metabolic Age 50 (note that my actual age was 48. Insulting !)
Bone Weight 3.5 kg
Muscle Weight 66.6 kg
Visceral Fat Rating 11 (above 12 is really bad, …high health risk …only one step off !)
Water 51% I did the “fast diet” for 5 days.

On the 21st November, at the end of the “fast phase” these were my stats:

Weight 89.2 kg (lost 3 kg in 5 days!)
Bodyfat 23.4% (not significant)
Metabolic Age 47 (that made me happy)
Bone Weight 3.4 kg
Muscle Weight 65.0 kg
Visceral Fat Rating 10 (moving in the right direction!)
Water 51.6%

Part way through on the 25th November and then interesingly at the end on 30 November the stats were unchanged on…

Weight 91.9 kg ( I took back some weight after shock of the fast, but look at the other stats! So it was probably a kilogram of intestinal dross I lost.)
Bodyfat 21.2% (I haven’t been that low in years. I am way in the “healthy range”)
Metabolic Age 39 ( I am in my 30’s again !!!!!!!!)
Bone Weight 3.6 kg
Muscle Weight 68.8 kg
Visceral Fat Rating 9 ( I’m definitely at low risk now with much less of the dangerous fat around the belly! )
Water 53.5% (I’m higher up the healthy range for males).

In summary, all vital health stats improved after the DETOX. I especially like chopping 11 years off my physiological (metabolic) age. However, an epilogue to the DETOX, the biggest news months later, is that I may be able to say that I have 100% thrown M.E. Without having done any training to prepare, on the spur of the moment, I got up at 6:30 am in February 2007 to paddle 8 hours 50 minutes down the Taieri River. I was exhausted and barely able to walk at the end of it. The next days I waited for the M.E. relapse I could have expected in other years. It did not come. This is such a big thing to me that when I think about it now I still want to shout joy from mountain tops.


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