Positive in Mind and Body


Able to eat substantially on seasonal fresh summer fruit and vegetables, and create and discover flavour and satisfaction with meals all made with natural fresh ingredients. By day 2 I felt so much better that it was an incentive to keep going, knowing that it would only get better. Felt less weighed down. Outcome was a more positive mind, sleeping better, weight benefited, beautiful glowing skin, looking younger. This detox has set me back on the right path.
Other Comments:
I had been under enormous stress and great personal loss, and was not recovering well from the grief. I was becoming depressed and my weight was starting to gain weight. Although I ate healthy food, I didnt feel I was digesting it well. This detox has helped with depression and the weight gain. I’m feeling very positive, and my head is clear. I love discovering that I could be satisfied eating only fresh natural products. Didnt miss the wine or coffee….which I thought I would

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